Not A Mannequin

Passing through a stage of anger or perhaps not quite anger but rather irritation, I have now reached a stage of amusement.  Yes, it doesn’t look nice but I see how far it has healed over the last 5 years or so since the breakout of rashes.  I’m amazed at how many people who saw me then and now are under the impression that now it’s worse!  Well, perhaps because my skin that was darkened is now coming back to its original fairer complexion, these rashes stand out.  So many people offer me “advise” to either ‘cover up’ or to seek a consultant or remedies based on their own diagnosis of what they believe is a ‘skin condition’.

Yes, I do often scratch the areas that are still not back to normal but this is to gently release the hardened skin layers that formed due to my own error of using the ointments lavishly.  Gently by gently, I need to peel off layers.  (I know I have written many blog posts based on this skin scenario and I really didn’t expect yet another post on this).  When the weather gets humid, I do scratch uncontrollably and yes it goes beyond gentle releasing of toughened skin layers.  Cigarette smoke too affects it badly.  That’s all on one side.

As far as I’m concerned, this is not a ‘skin condition’ but rather a ‘consequence’ of allergies and also my desperate attempts to reduce the irritation.  I’m sorry that many people can’t handle this “ugly” sight of blemishes on my skin.. but guess what, I’m cool with it.  Realistically speaking, we are living in a fallen world where things are done in opposite to the way of creation, as to how God ordained things.  Thus, we are for sure going to be having adverse reactions to these right or wrong choices in life… What one person does, indeed affects the others.

We live in a world where pictures of models are air brushed or edited to make them look PERFECT.  Blemishes and wounds are not acceptable as they mar this idealistic image we tend to hold.  Plastic surgery is on the increase and so are beauty products to create a “FAKE”  you as that’s the standard.

Guess what!  I am not created as a mannequin but rather as a human being!  I live in a body where aging happens and the flesh does get affected by outside factors as well as our own choices.  I say sorry to those who want others to live to their idealistic standards as I do not wish to comply with that.  I am someone who is happy to go out without make up and not cover up these ‘unsightly’ blemishes… When I feel like wearing make up, yes I will but that also to a minimum – not to create an illusion but rather to enhance!  I do try to take care of my skin but I’m not driven by perfectionism as I really don’t mind having flaws.

Having said that, I am one who believes in surrendering my heart to the Father and seeking Him to reveal what is not right in my character or conduct.. and trust that by the leading of the Holy Spirit and through the victory of the blood that Jesus Christ shed on His cross that I will overcome.  As a result that I would always seek the righteousness of God.

There are areas that do not fall into the above – but rather just the way my personality is…  Then my prayer echoes the following:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr

God used people with their short comings or ‘disabilities’…  and turned it around for His glory!  Moses claimed to be slow of speech and tongue, Jeremiah stated that he did not know how to speak… the list can go on as to how God used people who feared stepping into His calling given their “lacks”.

In addition to that, God overlooks our “blemishes” and “blunders”.

Noah got drunk (Noah 9:24) – and that doesn’t give us a right to label him a drunkard as the Bible mentions only one such incident –  but yet for all, Noah is mentioned in Hebrews 11:7 – the revelation given thousands of years later “By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.”  In fact, Noah was mentioned in 2 Peter 2:5 as a preacher of righteousness.

David made one mistake after the other to cover up each one… the first slip up was not to be where he was meant to be, shrugging off his responsibility.  Yup, he stayed back during spring time when the kings were supposed to go to war.  The rest was his-story.  However, his repentant heart and U-turn in life earned him a great reward – to hear the Father say, “a man after my own heart”.

So whether you have “unsightly” blemishes – whatever shape or size or complexion – or disabilities or even blunders of the past – it doesn’t matter in God’s eyes.  Don’t let this weigh you down and if others want to label you or screw their faces at you or even reject you, that is for God to deal with.  God sees you as GORGEOUS!

Having said that, let’s not be a people who do label or reject (unless of course it is required for us to be shrewd as serpents – for our protection or for the welfare of the person – which too has to be out of a heart of LOVE, not hatred or bitterness).  Hatred, hostility, bitterness will only eat us up and harm us.   If we are indeed labelling people because of a blunder or two let alone pushing them aside as we can’t handle their blemishes, we need to question ourselves, do we really know God’s grace and forgiveness?  If we did, we would extend it to the other too!

God looks at a man’s heart, not the appearances… We can be picture perfect but if the heart is evil, there is no point of being picture perfect.. but then again, we are imperfect and we have flaws…

Let’s simply be ourselves, the way we are – and surrender ourselves (shortcomings, blemishes, disabilities) to the Potter’s hands who moulds us and restores us to His image.. through which we will be refined as gold and in the process bring glory to Him..

We are all precious and gorgeous as we have been created by the Master Creator just the way we are and that too in His Image.. So anyone who He has created and said “It is good”, let us not say otherwise.

Let’s focus on  lifting one another up where it matters!


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