Going Forward – from the author

Hi there

I just want to say a big thanks to all of those who have been reading this blog and especially those who are more regular readers.  Some have taken the time to let me know who this blog has inspired or encouraged them and urged me to keep writing.  These responses also come by divine intervention as those would be the times I wonder whether it’s worth continuing the blog.  Even if one person is being touched, then I’m more than prepared to continue as God’s vessel.

Over the years I have had a few requests from readers asking me to publish the posts as a book, so I promised them that I would do it after I had written 365 posts to make it a yearly inspirational.  As of this moment it’s nearing that number!  In addition to that, yesterday someone asked me for permission to convert this into an e-book and was willing to do it as unto God.  I was elated but told the reader to wait till we have reached 365 posts.

This was simply a ‘blog’ for which the posts were written and posted then and there so to speak (without reviewing or editing).  However, if it is to be converted to a printed and a electronic book, then the posts need to be edited and organised.  Original images are also needed and a publisher would be required too.

It would be great if others can come forward and join hands in seeing this project done.  I would prefer to continue writing this blog and begin to focus on completing the several Christian books I have started and yet not completed.  Currently I’m staying with friends but I really need a place of solace to focus.  Housing here in Sri Lanka is pretty expensive so I’m praying earnestly for the required resources to come through.  Your prayers would be appreciated to see God’s intervention and burdening of people’s hearts to see all this to come to pass.

It has been a pleasure sharing how God has been working in my life – moulding me and encouraging me – as well as the thoughts that He places on my heart as I ponder on the daily incidents of life.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey!

God bless you and meet the desires of your heart as you find your delight in Him.

In His love



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