From Within…

My dad used to get so annoyed with me when he takes me shopping.  He would drop me at the mall and hang around at a bar.  I would spend hours going round and round the mall yet when I show up most of the time there would be no purchases in my hand – other than when we go grocery shopping.  Hence at the end of every shopping spree, I get to hear my dad’s grumbling of wasting his petrol and time!  My mum would be pretty patient with me.

The reason is that I’m very picky in my clothing.  I dislike going with the trends of the time but I have preferred to stick to what suits me (taking into account my features, body shape, complexion, without being “immodest” and of course budget etc) and also where the pieces of my wardrobe could complement or be co-ordinated with one another having many ‘outfits’ with minimal pieces.  Now with my sensitive skin, I have had to become even more restricted in clothes shopping as the choice of material and necklines are also to be taken into account.

I realise that how we dress portrays a bit of our inner self to the outside.  We see people who follow the latest trends, have gotta have what’s out there.  And those who are immaculately dressed – who are dressed to kill – without the slightest crease in their attire and totally co-ordinated from head to toe.  They are for sure a treat to the eyes but I’m sure their spouses / partners would vouch for them being high maintenance.  Then at the other extreme are the people who couldn’t be bothered what they are wearing, who just get up and blindly put something on… and wear whatever they have without giving a thought to it.  They come across sloppy.  On the other hand there are the “in between” people – who give a thought to what they wear yet are practical too.

60-80% of an initial opinion is made in less than 4 minutes of meeting them – Allan Pease.

We also know that non verbal cues speak more than the words we speak.  So what is the first opinion that people will make when they first see you?  Will they be drawn to speaking to you, to get to know you or would they run a mile in the opposite direction?

Our appearance (presentation of ourselves) can also send out varied messages to the people we meet.  What message is our attire sending out?  Are we saying we are self absorbed and couldn’t care less about other people?  Are we telling them that we couldn’t care less about ourselves let alone other people, we don’t take life seriously in anything we do as we are just going with the flow?  Or do we relay the message that we live on life with a purpose and conscientious yet not addicted, that we represent Christ here on earth?

We know that God is living in us, in those whom believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died on the cross to forgive us our sins with the innocent blood He shed so that our relationship with the Father would be restored.. that He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven bringing His Father all the glory and yet He is one with the Father. 

Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us – 2 Corinthians 5:20

If we truly loved God with ALL our heart, with ALL our soul (will, emotions and mind), with ALL our strength and with ALL our mind -as per the first greatest commandment -, will we truly be presenting ourselves to the rest of the world the way we currently do?  If we truly loved God in that fashion, wouldn’t we also be loving our neighbour AS OURSELVES?  What is it that we love more than ourselves or our neighbour?  Anything that comes in the way of loving God, neighbours and self is nothing but an idol.  What is distracting you today from loving your neighbour and yourself?  What occupies your mind the most?  Is it of God or is it of the ‘world’?

When we are heavy laden with fears, anxieties, cares of the world, love for things of the world – then our faces clearly reflect what is within.

Those who look to Him are radiant – Psalm 34:5

I’m not talking about the ‘glow’ that comes from oily skin or well applied make up – but there is a beautiful overpowering attractive glow that settles on our faces when we truly look to Him, casting down all our idols… And then we automatically will understand who we are in Christ, love ourselves and love our neighbours – those that God has placed in our lives.  Our every heart beat will echo for Christ, to fulfill His purpose, to see His Kingdom come on earth and our use of resources would also be reflective of our love for God and love for neighbour as ourselves.




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