Fast n Furious

As soon as you read the title, I’m sure Paul Walker would have come to your mind.  That phrase seemed to define who he was and how he is thought of today even though no more.  The “fast n furious” was not just his career of acting but his area of interest which brought about the fast and furious fiery crash of an end.

What made me suddenly think of this today?  I certainly wasn’t a fast and furious fan…Action and thriller genres are certainly not my cup of tea. Having had lived amidst war and bombing for a few years and hiding in bunkers etc was enough of action for a life time let alone having endured domestic violence – that I really just want peace).  I was thinking about humans in general.  How we tend to get “addicted” to something that isn’t good for us or perhaps that is standing in the way from us getting the best that God has for us.  These addictions could be varied and not all that “bad” as we would define “bad”.  For example it could be as dramatic as substance abuse or sexual predators but it also could be as mild as selfish ambition, love of money, seeking approval and doing anything (Including misusing resources) to secure that approval or codependency in relationships,

Codependent relationships is where we find our security in being known as “someone” – so and so’s daughter or so and so’s friend etc or even a pet for that matter.  We need this particular person around us to ‘function’, to get things done.  We come hugely dependent on this person and it goes the same for the other too.  (For an excellent booklet by RBC Ministries to help raise awareness and/or deal with this issue please click on this link )

We justify and justify our actions, we give reasons and “define” boundaries that eventually blur without us even realising what’s going on as it has become us instead of being separate. Fast and furious was not only Paul Walker’s career but also his life.  His adrenalin rush couldn’t get enough of it that he finally was enveloped in these flames as the boundaries disappeared with the blurring.

It’s not much different from our spiritual life.  We make things or people our idols as we can’t get enough of them… we want these things or people more and more justifying why and how.  Yet we get so caught up and trapped that eventually it would see to our destruction.  It is easier for the onlooker to see another’s blind spots and we can tell each other what we see.  But at the end of the day, realisation, conviction and repentance has to come and thus a U-turn needs to be made.

Anything or anyone that comes in the way of honouring God, pleasing Him in what we do and in the way of bringing everything under His headship is an idol.  If not broken free, it will end up leading us being banished from His presence like Adam & Eve.

But now, all you who light fires and provide yourselves with flaming torches, 

go, walk in the light of your fires and of the torches you have set ablaze.

This is what you shall receive from my hand: You will lie down in torment – Isaiah 50:11

What fires are we lighting, what torches that are we setting ablaze that could eventually drag us down and away from God’s hands and would push us into the flames?





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