Dead End or Higher Ground?

Another vision… Don’t worry I only share the visions that I feel burdened to share  – the ones I feel would inspire not just me but all of you who will be reading this post for whichever circumstance you are in!!  (This image is far from it, but the closest I could find).

So here I was forced to rest – not something I wanted to do as there is a lot of uncertainty in my current situation, and something I’m unable to do anything about let alone plan.  However, this is a lot to be done once God’s plan is revealed.  It was making me a tad restless despite knowing God has everything in control.  But we human beings have so much of pride that we want to take things in our hands right?  Uh ahhh… well God has humbled me to the point that I can’t do anything about it.

I was actually getting irritated with peoples’ questions about the situation although they meant it with a good heart because I was tired of explaining things to others… and most of the time I would get misunderstood anyway.  So I decided it may be best if I stay to myself and not talk with others and get into panic mode.  It turned out I had to do just that.  I came down with the fever.  One night I was feeling unusually drowsy and was just sneezing.  This is the second day in bed since then.  And today I saw this vision that just inspired me and confirmed that I had to simply stay put till He intervenes.

I was in a vehicle, a car… with a driver and there was another passenger.  We were driving along this by road – it was a gravel road more like the ones in more rural areas.  Yes, so I suppose it had been a bump ride.  Suddenly, the road reached the main road.  However, one obstacle.. a major obstacle.  The main road was on a higher ground than we were.    We were at a DEAD END!  Or were we?

The thought crossed my mind to do a typical James Bond maneuver with the car but obviously that wasn’t going to work.  I looked around to see whether we need to get to the road by car.  I saw the loose stones and looked down at my unsuitable footwear and realized that too was not an option.  Just as I turned to my right to face the other passenger to discuss any other possibilities of getting to the main road, I saw a large crane appearing from what seemed to be out of nowhere but from towards the right side of the main road.

The next thing I knew was that we were now lifted – car and all of us inside – and placed on the main road with the car facing the direction as if we had taken a left turn.

  • How often do we see a dead end and despair?
  • How often do we run out of options and still decide to put our thinking caps on?
  • How often do we think we have to keep everything under control – our control?
  • How often are we able to see a dead end and see it as a new beginning let alone HIGHER ground?

I was just amazed at this vision, it inspired me and encouraged me.  God will intervene in a way that I wouldn’t have even dreamt off.   Dead ends can become HIGHER GROUNDS – with Him ALL things are possible but for that we need to place our trust in HIM… Our ways, our wisdom is so limited so when are we going to accept that and turn to Him for His wisdom and leading. 

Dead ends could be a way of God turning our directions, not to go on the same path any more but either to do a 90 degrees turn!  Something different…. You may be thinking of going along the same route as all these years but God may be thinking of turning you to head in a completely different direction!

People may discourage you at your dead end – they may panic and draw you into further fear… they may even condemn you for your decisions – that you won’t be at a ‘dead end’ if you were walking ‘right with God’ of if you were truly at a place where God wanted you to be.  But remember, at the end of the day it’s between you and God.

Ask God for discernment who you can share where you are at in your faith life.  Satan uses loved ones to drag us down or feel condemned or even guilty, to urge us to throw in the towel.  I’m blessed with a handful of godly men or women in my life who have either walked alongside me these last years of faith or who have interceded for me such that they are aware of what God is doing.  The more I grow in faith, the more I realize I have lesser people with whom I can truly share stuff with, and that I need to shut myself in God’s presence more.

I certainly wouldn’t have seen the crane as an option and I certainly wouldn’t have thought of continuing the journey in the same car.  However God has us etched in the palm of His hands and we can continue our walk on His wings… If only we will surrender to Him and not despair at DEAD ENDS…


 if you turn to the One who with a WORD created the HEAVENS AND THE EARTH.


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