Go With The Flow

Have you had a vision or a dream or a burden laid on your heart by the Lord?  How did you or how are you responding to it? Have you shared it with others?  What were their responses?

Abraham was told his descendants would become a great nation and here Abraham was without a child and getting old in age – well 75 to be precise.  And the word He got was just go to “the land I will show you”.  Abraham had no idea how he would become a great nation and he had no idea where he was heading to.  In fact He went place to place clueless as to the destination but simply going with the flow trusting God to lead his steps.

Of course this descendant thing did test their patience… They decided to help God to give them a  child.  However, that was not how God had intended to do it – and He still did the miracle.  Well, if we do it in the ‘natural’ or the ‘normal way’, it wouldn’t be a ‘miracle’ anymore would it?

Joseph had a vision.  He shared it with his family – who either got jealous or rebuked him.  In fact Joseph knew that he was going to rule over his family but he was clueless as to the details – how, why, when, where.. he knew zip.  So how was he supposed to plan?  He did’t try to do anything about it.  Instead he went with the flow and found himself in exactly a place where he ruled over his family – and that in Egypt!  Would he have guessed that even in his wildest of dreams? If he had, would he have been able to plan for it?

When the angel appeared to Mary and told her what lay ahead, she surrendered, “may it be unto me”.  Did she have to do anything else to conceive?  Nope, God just wanted her to be a willing vessel and let Him do what He planned.

All the visions in the Bible were like this weren’t they?  Which makes perfect sense as if all the details were given, we would just run ahead of God and strive in our own capacity and make a name for ourselves.  It takes faith to sit back and go with the flow so that He will make things beautiful in His time. Weren’t the visions of the first coming of Jesus fulfilled like 2000 years later?

Tell me, if so why is it when we get a vision then that we simply start making plans and proposals and budgets with objectives and mission statements?

Are we able to quit striving and let God prepare us and prepare the way for the vision to be fulfilled?  If He had given the vision, isn’t He capable of making the provision too?  Are we able to have sufficient faith to go with the flow that every minute detail is of Him and not of our flesh? When Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, He likens the Holy Spirit to the wind.  Are we able to surrender to the leading of the Holy Spirit just like the leaf that is blown by the wind in whichever direction the wind chooses to blow yet trusting Him that the vision that He gave would come to pass no matter what?

For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though ittarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry – Habbakuk 2:3


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