He Watches

So here I was at the Bombay airport.. transit for about 5.5 hours and this from 8 pm to 2 a.m.   The airport has some comfortable chairs including sofas.  I happily took one of them and laid down with my laptop bag under my head.  Yes, I set the alarm and I fell asleep.  I had to literally drag myself up to the washroom before I proceeded to the boarding gate.

As there was still a bit of time for boarding, I waited with my boarding pass in hand and suddenly… suddenly realised that I may have left my phone in the washroom.  I remembered clearly where I had kept it.  The only issue was that the washroom was two floors up.. I quickly scanned my hand luggage bag and dashed…   When I got there the doors of the particular cubicle were shut… I had no idea what to do but I spotted a couple of Catholic nuns dressed in brown with a few ladies.

So I turned to them and numbly pointed to the cubicle and even before I was able to say anything I saw my phone in their hands!  I pointed to the phone and the nun asked me, “Are you Priya?”!  I asked her how she knew.  She said she had called my friend and that my friend had told them that I was dressed in a white top and jeans.  (Apparently my friend had also given them some clear instructions to make an announcement as I had no other contact number).  The nun said that you have changed your top then.  I unzipped my fleece jacket and showed the white top was still there.  It turned out that she had called the last dialled number and thankfully it was a friend who had seen me off the gate before I left to the airport.

I just thanked the nuns profusely and said “God bless you” and then quickly took off as it was time for boarding.  The elevator to go downstairs was getting stuck – the drama continued… I made it downstairs to see the boarding had already begun.  I stood in the queue and i couldn’t find my boarding pass.  I saw stars wondering whether I had dropped it in my hurry to find my phone.  Deciding to explore my options, I asked them at the counter whether a new boarding pass could be issued.. one of the Jet Airways staff was so patient and told me to back track.  I started to search my bag again and pulled out a boarding pass and kept it aside.  The staff asked what that was – I told him it was that of my previous flight.  He smiled and pointed out to me gently that that was the right one.

So, yes, I got to board the plane on time – I didn’t miss my flight.

I am so grateful for every person involved in this whole sage.. from the nuns to my friend (no wonder her mum said we are best friends) and to the Jet Airways staff member.  God sees us through our human weaknesses, through the stumbling of flesh… and He helps us.  We don’t need to try to be super human or perfect as He understands and carries us through.  Don’t be hard on yourselves but recognise that we are His CHILDREN.. the children of the Almighty God whose eyes are continually on us.

May our eyes continually be on Him and may we bask in His presence and especially in His love… May we be secure in Him.

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