Revolving Doors

So, I arrived here – taking a plunge of faith – and was waiting in this ‘deluxe’ room which of course in my opinion or rather standards, was far from that.  As I waited and waited and waited, doors were opening for me to stay but then would get slammed right in my face again – just as I get packed and ready.  Revolving doors!  It was difficult to stay steadfast.  Much time went in prayer, in clinging to the feet of Jesus.  Doubt often plagued me, making me wonder, “Did I really hear God’s voice?”.

However, a friend on FB with whom I shared many mutual friends, invited me to her church and to meet her parents with the possibility of me staying with them.  A time of corporate worship and fellowship sounded just like what I needed.  She came to pick me up and off I went.  Her family were gracious and told me they would pick me up in the evening.  A gentleman I met at church that day told me, “God is going to use you much in this city”.  I politely said “Thanks” while inside of me I was thinking “I hope so”.

Given all the revolving doors of the last 5 days, I didn’t want to get my hopes up as it had been dashed so many times.  A couple of hours later, the other friend who had been helping me all along since arrival, called and told me to get my bags packed.  What I hadn’t realised is, one of the families who had said no earlier when my friend had asked them – also attended the same church… All of these people were related to one another – in a typical fashion of the culture in this part of the world.  Apparently the first family had felt God nudging them to invite me to their home.

In fact, at that time, I remembered the words of a friend of mine back in Canada who had been burdened for me and interceded for me – she had no idea that I was preparing to embark on this mission venture let alone that I was hesitant as it was totally faith led.  It was the day before my departure.  Her words were timely so I explained my situation.  She promptly responded, “The doors God opens, no man can shut”.  Indeed!  That’s exactly how it happened!

A closed door doesn’t mean it’s not permanently closed, neither does an open door mean it’s permanently open.

(More on this topic – here’s an older blog post –

In other words, just because it’s closed doesn’t mean it’s not God’s will nor just because it’s open doesn’t mean it’s God’s will either.  Likewise revolving doors are no indication either.  Doors often do go to and fro opening and closing!  Have you experienced that in your life?  Whether it be with a job or education or even a prospective marriage partner?

If a door is closed, it could be closed just till the appointed time.  His timing is perfect and He has a purpose through it all.  I believe God had closed this door for that time only for a purpose – that it was all in His perfect will.   I have no idea what the purpose is but I trust God knows best.  The family have been just wonderful to me and treating me like one of their own.  I thank God for this home and pray His abundant blessings and provision on them even as they themselves have dedicated their lives to “full time ministry”.

Interestingly, the gentleman at the church who told me that God was going to use me was also a relative of this family and is the program co-ordinator of a ministry that works in various villages of this state.  (This state is bigger than Sri Lanka).  Many ministry opportunities have indeed been opening since – and I thank God for the privilege to be His vessel.  I thank God for His strength to be able to step forward in faith, I thank God for His grace to remain steadfast and I thank God for coming through with His promises… He showed me a worthy family to stay with just like Jesus had told the disciples to search for a worthy placed to stay.

What doors are in front of you right now?

Has a door that you thought would be held wide open slammed in your face?  Well, if God wants to open that door nothing can stop Him… He can soften the hardest of hearts.. He can part the Red Sea… He can do anything.. Nothing is impossible for Him.

However, you need to believe that He is capable instead of focusing on the closed door.  No lock is too hard for God to break open.  Just kneel at His Feet and surrender to Him, surrender your plans and ask His will be done in your life… Open your ears to hear His gentle whisper and then focus on what He wants you to do..

May He show to you clearly which doors are meant to be closed and left like that… which doors are meant to be opened and which open doors are meant to be ignored…  Revolving doors could possibly be the enemy to rattle and throw off guard.  But who cares about Satan when we are children of God?  Who should we be afraid of when God is for us?

Expect sufferings… but don’t be put off or go off track…

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ,

after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast

– 1 Peter 5:10

And if you remain faithful to Him… if you continue to trust in Him and not in what you see…just remember and be reassured:

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast,

because he trusts in you

– Isaiah 26:3





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