Oh NO! I can’t!

Whenever I look at my hand writing or the photos of my cakes and now at my attempts at ceramic painting, a smile creeps to my face.  I may have written this before, but I just feel an urging to write this again as I believe many can be encouraged by it.

I go down memory lane, back to Barking, Essex in the UK and more precisely to Ripple Junior School.  It was a hop, step and a jump away and some beautiful memories going to school with my brother and my best friend / class mate who lived next door to me.  The chatter box that I was (ok ok.. I admit it – am still) would be so engrossed in the conversation and walk right into the lamp posts! LOL.  Despite that, in many ways I was a model student though.  Our principal at the time, Mrs Wynne, would sign my reports and make a comment, saying that she bets I’m proud of the report..

Only a few things didn’t get the top grades and comments of excellency…  I had to learn to be patient with my hands and also learn to write neatly.   It’s interesting that perhaps a mere 4 years after those reports, my classmates (I had returned to Sri Lanka during this time) would approach me to write stuff (notes etc) for them saying my writing is ‘like print’.  During my teens I got so fascinated with craft work and cake decorating.. and it went on for years.  True, being a left hander did have it’s limitations but I learned to discover techniques to overcome.  Recently, I decided to try out ceramic painting as I could sketch okay but painting was not my cup of tea..   The image attached are my second and third attempts of ceramic painting.  Not the neatest I agree..

My intent of sharing all this, is not to boast because I have no right to boast in myself.  However, I have learned one thing through all this, and I wish to share that with you.  “Oh No! I can’t” is often a factor of fear, of not recognising who we truly are.  In fact, perhaps it many even be fitting to say that it is a reflection of insufficient faith.  You may be wondering what on earth I’m saying!

Well think about it… The Bible is clear that you and I have been created in His image, in His likeness.. What does that mean?  Doesn’t it imply that we will have the potential – although definitely not to the same extent – of His attributes and capabilities?  His wisdom is for sure much higher than our wisdom.. Doesn’t that mean we will also have some of His wisdom?  He is a creator God.. a God who plans and carries things out, a patient God, a loving God etc.. Doesn’t that mean that we too can be creative, planners, executers, patient, loving etc etc?

We may not be ‘pros’ at stuff however we don’t let fear prevent us from discovering our talents let alone capabilities – many of which may be hidden due to fear or due to having being belittled / bullied by loved ones and peers.  Why? Because we stand secure in our identity in Christ!

On the other hand, we also need to exercise caution in the way we exercise our gifts and talents…  Every thing needs to be surrendered to God and discernment sought for His perfect and pleasing will, His plans that do not harm us.  We see people using science, technology, medicine etc etc to play God and/or for selfish ambition.  People began to use their talents to build the Tower of Babel – God made their attempts to build a name for themselves futile.  We also see people running to specialists not just for healing of diseases and illnesses but to change about the way God created them.  Are we really helping the situation or are we playing God in such situations?  I really don’t know.  Often when man “accomplishes” something, God doesn’t get the glory.. However, we see stories of divine intervention throughout the Bible where only God can be credited and glorified.

We shouldn’t let fear stop us from living in the potential and plan that God has for our lives neither should we allow self confidence or rather self reliance drive us to exercise the talents for selfish ambition let alone play God.

Let’s pray for healing of fears and deliverance from the acts of the fleshly nature so that we can bring out the best given to us by God and for God.


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