Springs Up

What comes to your mind when something ‘springs up’?  How would you define it?  In your eyes what image would depict that?

Spring up – to rise, leap, move or act suddenly or swiftly or to issue forth suddenly…

Suddenly…. is when you least expect it, beyond what you see with your eyes..

It’s the beginning of a new year – 2014 – and this following verse is what I kept hearing or seeing – it just seemed to be everywhere… Perhaps because it’s a “new” thing and hence the suitability for a new year.. However, it didn’t stop me meditating on what could be a RHEMA word too…

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland” – Isaiah 43:19

And the phrase “springs up” actually STOOD OUT!!  Just imagine, in the middle of nowhere something springing up.. Tulips springing up in a fields and fields of grass alone.. It appears suddenly – a NEW thing..

“Do you not perceive it?”

What did come to my mind was a spring of water.. The water has been underneath surface level all along, hidden to our eyes.. When the time is right, it comes gushing out and thus then our eyes perceive it.  Often God gives us a vision or a promise that our physical eyes can’t see let alone perceive.  Nonetheless, our spiritual eyes and thus our faith sees beyond.

The ten spies return from the Promised Land.  8 of them (all of whom were “God’s people” mind you) came back seeing the giants and all the reasons why they shouldn’t go ahead.  They forgot about God’s promise and how God had already carried them through in the wilderness.  Yet Caleb and Joshua saw with their physical eyes all what the others saw.  Yet they also were able to look beyond and perceive with their spiritual eyes.  The Bible mentions that these two were ‘different in spirit’.

As the new year dawns.. and goodness even the 2nd day is nearing completion right now here in Sri Lanka.. many of us will be filled with anxieties of what the year holds for us, we may have many unfulfilled dreams and plans.. and may have come through a extremely testing 2013 hoping that this year will be different.. Still anxieties!

I’m writing this for myself as much as for you..

Let’s look with our spiritual eyes and not with the physical eyes or human reasoning..  Let us take in faith what springs up!  However do not fail to remember that the purpose for the new thing springing up in the midst of our deserts and wastelands is also clearly stated…

“that they may proclaim My praise” (43:21)

And who are the “they” here?  The people that God formed for Him (43:21).

Having said that, also be spiritually discerning to know what is springing up – whether it is indeed from God above or whether it’s the enemy tempting / luring with what is ‘good’ to deter us from what is best!  God never ‘rushes’.. and He does give us spiritual vision ahead..

May we yield to His will, His way and His time…





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