Giver of Gifts

“HO HO HO… It’s the season to be merry… ”  Well, that’s what the message that is going around in the world and ummm amongst Christians too… Santa Claus is at every nook and corner… from the shopping malls to Christmas parties to the cards and décor and wrapping paper.. not to forget the cakes and cookies too. In fact the theme is extended to his helpers as well – the cute elves, the adorable reindeers and even Mrs Claus… And to add to it, snow.. it’s snowing even in places where it wouldn’t snow.. Why? Because it’s Christmas! After all isn’t it all about the Claus theme in winter settings?

If you have posted a profile pic with Santa Claus on FB or if you have decorated a gift with this theme or if you have invited Santa to your Christmas party, please don’t tell me you don’t think that Santa is an essential part of Christmas – because that’s the message you are sending out to those around you!  That’s perfectly ok.. if that’s what you want others to feel…

Sorry if I sound sour.. but nope I’m sad… sad that Santa Claus is being known as the giver of gifts and the person who makes the season merry… that he is robbing the limelight away from Jesus.. and to be honest, it makes me sad that the festivity takes away the real message of Christ!

Yes, it’s nice to see the places glimmering with light as Jesus came as the light of the world. Yes, He came here to bring us joy by pulling us out of the dark! And I simply praise God for that incredible blessing that He would sacrifice so much to leave His Father’s side in heaven, to be born in a dirty manger in the most humblest of settings – a setting where shepherds were frowned up… so imagine this KING OF KINGS being born in a stable where the herd feed from. He came down to heaven and lived on earth for 33 years in settings that we would cry if we were to face it even a couple of days… no electricity, no place to lay His head.. no roads, no transport.. and no iced water… despite drudging along the desert for days…

Jesus is the only reason for this season! He is the one who came to earth as light to give us LIFE… He is the one who gives us joy.. and not only in this season but everyday if only we would invite Him into our hearts and allow Him to be our personal saviour, to be the president of our hearts! It is His life on earth which included the death on the cross and rising again that bridged the gap that sin had created between God the Father and ourselves!! When He left earth to return to His rightful place in Heaven, He left behind the wonderful counsellor – the Holy Spirit – to lead us along the path that God has ordained for us…. while Jesus continues to intercede for us.  JESUS is the reason and the only reason…

Santa Claus has no place in this… he is not to steal the limelight of what Jesus has done for you and me…. If you have accepted Jesus as the Lord of all, will you let Santa take the attention away from Jesus?  Oh, by the way, was it winter and snowing when and where Jesus was born? Can we reflect on what we do and why we do things without going with the flow… The ways of the Lord are foolishness to man.. Are we who claim to be believers supposed to be of this world?

Well, I believe Jesus has called us to be in this world but not of the world and to rejoice when we are persecuted.

It makes me sad to see children writing letters to Santa Claus … I’m talking about kids of parents who call themselves believers. Maybe I don’t know what it’s like to have kids.. maybe I’m judging .. maybe it’s not possible to raise kids differently.. but then again what about the non Christian kids from different faiths? Do they write letters to Santa too? Should we go with the flow? If I had kids, I would want them to know from a very early age that God is the giver of gifts and He gives as a Father would give – not to spoil us but rather He knows what is good for us.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows – James 1:17

Jesus was an incredible gift God gave us so that through Him we may have ever lasting life.  The only person who gives good and perfect gifts is God Himself..  Those who know Christ, are vessels of His love and His peace not just during this season but 24x7x365.  We don’t need to be at hype now because He lives … He lives… He lives in our midst…and through Him we are joyful no matter what the trials or struggles as His peace surpasses ALLLLLLL understanding…

The season for Christ.. is ALWAYS..


and that is when we celebrate and praise Him and worship Him and adore Him and yield our hearts to Him..

I’m just so grateful for His love .. God is one person who will never leave us nor forsake us.  I don’t know where you stand today.. Perhaps you are missing a loved one who just left earth.. Perhaps you have been rejected or ignored by your biological family… Perhaps the man or woman of your life who you loved dearly has walked away..  Perhaps you are single or have embraced Jesus from a different faith that you don’t have anyone to spend you day with… Perhaps all those close to you have their own extended families that they visit for Christmas meals..

I hear you – I have been through most of these scenarios for most of the years that I have been a Christian… But guess what, it doesn’t matter to me any more because my perspective of Christmas has changed.. It is not really the actual date of the birth of Christ.. Besides He lives everyday and to me EVERY SINGLE day is a day of celebration.. Have you reached that joy?  Spend time at His feet and lap up His love like Mary, the sister of Martha did!  Trust me, you’re in for the time of your life of a celebration that will begin and last a life time – namely eternity! Yippeee…. Rejoice and sing out loud.. Let others know why you have the joy in the midst of struggles and storms.. Invite them to know the reason for the season.. the season of EVERY DAY living…

God bless you and anoint you abundantly… may He fulfil the desires of your heart as you delight in Him today and always forevermore!





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