Please Man and Displease God?

I was watching the “Angel TV” last night while having my dinner. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj was preaching. I usually don’t watch TV let alone hear sermons on TV (well I haven’t had a TV for nearly 10 years and this TV in this instance is because the TV is in the kitchen at the house where I’m currently staying while on the lookout for a place to live). This “evangelist” from India is serving on an international level. Many churches overseas invite him to preach. On yesterday’s airing, this man was sharing his early experiences as a Christian.

When he felt that God had stopped him from pursuing his educational goal to become a neuro surgeon, he had told this to the pastor of his church at the time. The pastor began making plans for his life. However God made it clear that that wasn’t His will for him. God made it clear to this man that His plan was to come separate and not be under an ‘organisation’. Just as most hierarchy bound pastors would respond, the pastor got angry and kicked him out of the church. However this man obeyed God’s plan for his life and today he is ministering to people globally.

This seems to be a recurring theme as of late I know.. but I just feel that there are many out there who need to keep hearing it.. to be encouraged to stand firm…

  • Do you feel that God has revealed certain plans or visions or promises to you?
  • Does it seem that your loved ones – from family to prayer partner to even the ‘church’ doesn’t understand you and are trying to discourage you or even worse being labelled?

The OBEDIENT walk of a believer can be a rather ‘lonely’ one as you are often misunderstood.  Jesus was rejected and misunderstood and punished by the very people He loved… It was the religious leaders who persecuted Him, mocked Him, despised Him, spat on Him, flogged Him… What are you going through compared to that!

I have been labelled a ‘beggar’ and even ‘mental’ over these last 7 years of living by faith. I have been rejected by the blood relative I loved the most next to my mother – Worse is that this person cannot see what is going on, and instead puts it to my imagination…At the end of the day they want to call the shots and me bend over backwards to do things their way.. Guess what, being loving doesn’t mean being a door mat 🙂  I may not achieving materialistic possessions and thus living well by the standards of the world.. I may be a ‘beggar’ in other peoples’ sight… At least God has moulded this designer brand girl into a girl who is humble, and who is able to receive blessings from God through His vessels in order to share blessings with others – whether the blessing is emotional, spiritual or material!

It doesn’t matter what others think of me and if they want to hold on to their mighty reigns sitting on their horses, that’s their problem.. I’m no horse..  I know who I am in Christ.. I am His precious daughter, created in His image… a royal priesthood.. Just like you are.. If God has called you, you listen to HIS voice.. Do what HE tells you to do.. Sadhu Sundar Selvarajah’s pastor had hoped to train him as a pastor.. The pastor had decided the role.. But this man listened to the role that God had ordained for him..

Saul tried to please the people and ended up SINNING.. (1 Samuel 15:24).

Pleasing others at the expense of displeasing God by disobeying His Word and His plan for YOUR life

is what SIN is all about..

I still often fail and accept the ‘role’ that people give me – and then when I realise my err, I stand up and people get offended.. I wish I didn’t have to offend people but I need to be true to the gifting and calling that God has placed on my life… I have so many talents but I can’t be using all my talents to do what others want of me.. I will be spreading myself thin then.. and more importantly I will be displeasing God.. It’s not easy as I don’t like rocking the boat.. However, I would rather displease people and be true to God as I don’t want to lose out on my relationship with Him!

A real leader would have humility to accept it when they have thrust a role onto someone.. rather than condemn or label or even worse kick them out.. First of all a true leader will realise that he or she is a STEWARD of God’s people… The role of a leader is not to LORD it over the LORD’s people 🙂  but rather to help people grow and walk in the paths that God has ordained for each one… Each one’s path and calling is different..

  • How many of us are trying to run around involved in church activities and programs and family do’s this season?
  • Are we prayerfully spending our time and talents this season?
  • What does the Bible say about Christmas activities let alone about being busy?  Meditate on Mary and Martha.
  • However what does the Bible say about ‘one another’?  Isn’t it about sharing and caring – isn’t it about RELATIONSHIP?

If our lives are filled with doing things for God at the expense of relationship with God and with others, then perhaps we need to ask God whether we like Mary are worried about many things!  It’s not about pleasing our leaders or pleasing our relatives but at the end of the day it’s about doing what God wants us to do – and mainly its about loving God with our ALL and loving our neighbours as OURSELVES.

If we truly loved God, we really wouldn’t have lonely people around us because our resources (time and finances etc) would be spent according to God’s leading 🙂

Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men?

If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ – Galatians 1:10



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