2 Years – Note of Thanks

Dear Reader
I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to each one of you!

Just over two years ago, I recall procrastinating and disobeying God despite the nudging from Him. I was scared… I thought to myself, “who is going to read my articles on the internet?” Finally, a few weeks later at least that was, I decided to seek forgiveness from God as I realised I had placed the emphasis on myself, instead of on Him. I surrendered – telling God that even if merely one person reads the blog and is touched by it (encouraged or challenged to embrace Christ or to grow in Christ) then that’s all that matters.

I recall many of my friends urging me on and telling me that they look forward to the milestone of 10,000 views! I thought of it as next to impossible.

Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of this blog. During these two years, many of you may not know this, I have gone without a laptop for 6 months, have had major internet connection problems, haven’t had a steady home – in fact my stuff is packed and spread out at different friends places – for nearly 3 years, have travelled to India a few times whereby I have had limited internet access and of course have had times of not being well etc etc.

It is only by God’s grace and His strength that the inspirations and thus the writing continues. Your sharing the links, your every comment and like on this blog site or on the links that I share on various FB pages, the encouraging emails, feedback on how God has spoken to you through the posts – they have for sure spurred me on. At this moment, I’m reminded of Moses… When his hands were held up, the Israelites were winning.  So when his hands got tired, Aaron and Hur standing on either side of Moses, held his hands up keeping Moses’ hands steady until sunset (Exodus 17:8-13).  Everything we do is as a Body of Christ…  We edify one another and encourage one another to see God’s Kingdom come.

Many have been partnering in the various KENOSIS ministries – especially this blogging ministry –  through intercession and encouragement while some have occasionally contributed financially as it has been 7 years of living by faith.  There are many more projects in the progress and I know God will bless them in His time.

It is only by God’s intervention and of course all your feedback / encouragement that yesterday marked the 2 years anniversary of Kenosis blogs. During this time there have been 91 followers signing up – although I do humbly admit that most of them obviously don’t read it regularly and there seems to be more ‘visitors’ than viewers.  Yesterday was the 270th post and thus far (at the time of typing this) there have been 8,417 views whereby views do not necessarily how many times the articles were read but rather how many times the blog address has been clicked – as one can scroll down and read many articles in one go!  However, what truly amazes me and makes me stand in awe of God big time is the fact that views have been now from 100 countries.  I never expected that when I embarked on blogging!  Yet, I do still believe quality is wayyyyy better than quantity!

Once again thank you!  However it would be great to hear back from you.  I do desire to keep the blog post short – but I realise I end up with around 1,200 words per average given my aim to balance grace and truth, include some humour and also for ministering not only spiritually but also emotionally too!  I also pray that it is in line with the KENOSIS motto – “Less of me, more of Christ”.  Do let me know what you think about content, length, images used etc!



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