Why Not?!

I was sitting here, meditating on a passage after having felt led to do so in order to write. However, I just couldn’t get started on wwriting.. I was wondering what topic would fit today’s inspirational. As usual, my mind has been twirling with topics for the days to come, so it’s important to simply focus on NOW. I decided to take a break and check my emails – which took forever not because of the number of emails but rather given I have reached my internet limit and the usually slow connection is now pretty much at a snails pace. However a number of the emails I had received did bring a smile on my face.

One quote at the end of an email caught my attention:
“You see things and say “why” but I dream things that never were and say “Why not?” –  George Bernard Show

Why Not?! Yes, why not?! Which brings me to the scripture I was led to meditate on…

On account of her womb being closed up, Hannah was being provoked by her rival (none other than Peninnah – her husband’s other wife) in order to irritate her (1 Samuel 1:6)! And worse while at the HOUSE OF THE LORD, this rival provoked Hannah till she wept and wouldn’t eat (1:7). Scripture is clear that this happened YEAR AFTER YEAR… this didn’t go on for days, it didn’t go on for months but it went on for YEARS. Was it because Hannah wasn’t walking in the Lord that she wasn’t blessed with sons? Was it because that Peninnah was right with God and hence she was blessed with sons? If Peninnah feared the LORD would she have provoked Hannah throughout the years let alone at the HOUSE OF THE LORD?

As if that didn’t help, one day when Hannah was weeping and praying, her lips were moving but her voice was not heard. Eli was at the DOORPOST of the LORD’s temple… and observed her. He accused her, “How long will you keep on getting drunk?” Here is the only occurrence mentioned in the Bible of Eli observing her and he jumped to conclusions on her being drunk and exaggerated it with a “how long?”. Who was Eli? The priest!!!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself taunted and labelled and judged at the house of the LORD let alone by the “priests” / religious “leaders”! It happened then, why wouldn’t it happen now, that during the last days where the Bible warns us that many false teachers will arise like wolves in sheep’s clothing? A man or woman after God’s own heart would have compassion on others especially in their sorrows. At least, Eli heard her out and spoke prophetically with encouragement. He obviously humbled himself and admitted his wrongs.

Throughout the many years, Hannah never gave up on her dream. She was persistent and had the attitude of “why not”? She kept on praying to the LORD. It drew her closer and closer.. and ultimately she surrendered her very desire making a vow that she would dedicate the child to God’s work. Her heart was prepared and moulded to the purpose God had for the fruit of her womb. Hannah’s yielded heart led to her womb being blessed with not just a son, but rather a mighty man of God, a prophet unto the nations who had the privilege to anoint David as King… the lineage of Jesus.

God allowed this time of preparation to fulfil a purpose.. Don’t be discouraged if people are questioning you with a “WHY?” or labelling you for your persistent “WHY NOT?” Keep clinging onto God for His timing so that you and all those involved in the promise / vision will be prepared for what is yet to come.. Year after year may have gone by = but keep pressing into the Lord with prayer… and come to the point of surrender that He may be wanting from you! It may be time now, so don’t give up…

Your faith doesn’t and shouldn’t depend on others or on circumstances.  

Faith is only about your surrendered heart and thus your intimacy with God!

He makes ALL things BEAUTIFUL in HIS time!


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