It’s all a mystery… we have the “X”s and we have the “Y”s and we are given an equation to solve. Which is X? Which is Y? What are their values? (How did you figure out I simply love Maths and especially Algebra?!) How many of us are looking at our “X”s of our lives and wondering “Y” oh “Y”? Sadly a number of people especially women take rejection personally. We begin to think and believe that something is soooooo wrong with us!
So, now with Myster-X behind us there is a lot we’ve gotta do as we are watchful – to solve the mystery of Myster-Y. First of all, let’s begin to praise God for good riddance of bad rubbish! Oops, I didn’t mean it quite like that – after all, aren’t every person, whether believer or not, are created in the image of God? It’s just that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. As much as Jesus tells us to love our neighbour and love our enemy, He also tells us to be as harmless as doves but as wise as serpents. Jesus rebuked the work of the enemy – who tested Him in the wilderness and also who used Peter to attempt to deter Him from what was to be done! If only Eve hadn’t engaged in dialogue with the cunning serpent?
So, yes… we have indeed made Myster-X our exes… Let’s first take this opportunity to PRAISE GOD and have a THANKFUL HEART for protecting us… from what could have been otherwise harmful for us.

Take a moment to then objectively reflect on what happened? Where did you go wrong in this relationship? Did you by any chance fantasise about him that ultimately you weren’t living in reality but in a far far away land building a magical castle? In a longing to find a partner, we often end up doing just that – settling for the first person who comes our way and trying to make that person fit into our fairy tale! He may have the looks of what you wanted but may have not been the package you thought he was!

Was myster-X a person you had ignored or didn’t care much for or even thought he was beyond reach? Did he then whisk you off your feet and throw you off balance that you just fell into his arms? After all, HE WAS SO INTO YOU right? Well isn’t that what people say – if a guy is into you, he will come right after you and if he isn’t, he will totally stay away? Guess what, the myster-X ‘s of my past have taught me? No, they love the chase. They love to get what is aloof or what seems to be out of their reach. So they catch you off guard. Once they get your heart into their control, they either dump you or go off the radar as they have lost the adrenalin rush. They may enter another relationship or not, but suddenly when they feel you have lost interest in them, they repeat their little game. Such people don’t give you closure as they need you on the back bench as PLAN B so that they can keep them entertained when they fall out with the new partners… or for a bit of a kick.

 Now does that help you thank God for His intervention in this matter? Wouldn’t a godly woman want a godly MAN (let the chickens fly away!) who is so rooted in God that he would be prepared to stand up against the odds to do what God wants him to do? Even Mary, the mother of Jesus was ready to go against the flow knowing the multiple societal rejections that lay ahead of her. She told the angel of the LORD,

“Be it unto me!”

 In fact, wouldn’t a godly man be ultra cautious before making a move? Wouldn’t he have spent much time in prayer first knowing that a woman’s heart is so precious and easily injured?  How much does it hurt when a relationship is broken off not due to lack of compatibility but due to external factors such as lack of parents approval or not meeting societal expectations?  Well, God’s ways are so much different from that of all that.  A godly man won’t look at the external factors but rather wait upon Him and seek His direction first!  It is better that a man takes his time to make the move, than the one who is foolish and rushes ahead only to have no guts to do what is right – and perhaps while even shifting the blame onto God with the religious words, “It wasn’t His will”!

 Unravelling the mystery of Myster-X paves the way for healthy Myster-Y 😀

 Above are just some thoughts to get you started!  Reflecting prayerfully while asking God for His divine wisdom and discernment will reveal the area where you would need healing or change. Learning from your mistakes will help you avoid the pattern with MysterY that lies ahead. Yes, God can bring back Myster-X but he would be transformed by God (not by you, don’t run ahead of yourself and play God in anyone’s life but feel free to be a woman of prayer) to be Myster-Y. The EX is still no longer as now a changed person! 😀

Likewise God would have done His work in you to so that both can be brought together in His time as comparable helpers so that His Will be done and His Name be glorified.

For those of you who are content being single and for those of you who are happily married, this blog post may have given you some amusement.  Yet I hope it would help you reach out to those who are single wanting to mingle!!!


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