Pouncy Bouncy

This little kitten reminds me of Tigger…. Before I go any further, let me give a background to it. I’m staying with friends. Their cat had her second litter… and boy talk about sibling rivalry! One (from the previous litter) would chase the other away (whether from the previous or current litter). Anyway, cats will disappear and then show up a few weeks later. In and out, and all so similar. One of the previous born would stick around. I have to keep shooing them all these cats away from me, especially from my bed as I have allergies. No, the cat will still choose to brush itself against my leg and feet.

Suddenly the mother cat showed up with her few weeks old kittens – 4 of them… Awww they were so gorgeous. It was so hard to resist them but I had to considering my health. It has been a rainy season so these kittens would find warm comfortable corners and litter… ummm annoyingly my clothes put to wash also turned out to be a comfy spot. We had to keep sending the outdoors as it was getting too much. Yet my friend would keep milk for them outside. One little kitten, the thinnest out of them all was persistent, and consistently found ways of getting in – despite windows and doors shut, temporary nets placed etc. It was incredible and endearing!

However one early morning, we heard dogs… The wild dogs of the streets had come and managed to hold 3 kittens in their mouths.. and yes that was the end of them. As if that wasn’t tragic enough, the mother cat had been killed by these very dogs just a few days before that. Later on in the day, the thin little kitten appears out of no where.. unscarred at that too! How did it manage that? Simply a miracle!

Now this she-kitten is growing up fast and managed, with its persistent nature, to soften the heart of the male cat (of previous litter) that kept chasing every other cat away. It’s indeed quite a sight to watch the cat take care of the kitten, it’s sibling actually. This kitten is the one that reminds me of Tigger…. She is so hyper active. I don’t think she sits still for even a split second – unless she has her ‘duties’ or sleep!  She’s bouncing about, jumping about, trying to learn how to catch the big black ants… but by the time she jumps about and turns around, the ant has disappeared!!!  Curiosity killed the cat – that totally makes sense… This one is curious beyond limits… and learning… (Yup it is so fidgety that I couldn’t succeed in taking a photo with my automatic camera… the only time it sits still is when its sleeping).

(At the time of drafting…) It still hasn’t come to us human beings, but at least it looks up at us through it’s widened adorable brown eyes… (And no, I will definitely resist the temptation of cuddling it!).

How awesome would it be if we believers, like this kitten, could be persistent in our faith despite the trials and life’s blows? How lovely would it be, if we could have such a joyous attitude – always eager to learn the ways of the Lord and grow in Him… and thus wanting to be affectionate and love our ‘neighbours’? How would it be if we were curious to understand the hearts of people and look beyond each one’s appearances… beyond the fake smiles or the prickly hedgehog skins? How would it be if we could do that to each other? How would it be if we could be so full of energy and hyped up for God, restless and wanting to learn? How would it be if we could be so joyous touching hearts, energising others because of the way we are? After all, we are God’s vessels of love aren’t we?

Just a thought!!!


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