Right Moment

The right moment counts….  You can’t enjoy a fruit that is unripe, under ripe or over ripe.  You need it just right to savour it, to enjoy it, to benefit from it.  Too early or too late is never healthy.  Likewise with pregnancy.  A pre-mature baby has less chances of survival.  When a baby is “late” it is usually delivered through a caesarean surgery to avoid complications.  Yes, God is bigger than that, and He can perform miracles… but we are talking about the general patterns of life, of creation, of nature… God can create life with just dust… we know Adam was created that way… Yet He has chosen pregnancy as the means for creation since Adam & Eve…  It serves a purpose, a time of preparation and of nurturing and bonding…  And at the RIGHT time the bundle of joy is bestowed upon the couple.

If a man loudly blesses his neighbor early in the morning, it will be taken as a curse” – Proverbs 27:14

Abigail chose to waste no time and act immediately.  She decided not to tell her husband then and there.  It saved David from committing the sin of murder and it saved the lives of all the men of Nabal’s household.  She returned home and she saw her husband Nabal holding a banquet and high in spirits.  She waited till the next morning for when he was sober to tell him.  The poor man’s greed led him to shock and thus death.. but at least everyone else were saved and of course Abigail was rewarded to being King David’s wife.
There is a RIGHT timing for everything… for blessings of a partner, of marriage, of financial needs, of a job, of health…., for our words, for our actions, for stepping into particular ministry callings for everything… and..
God makes ALL things beautiful in His time” -Ecclesiastes 3:7

Delay doesn’t mean denial…

Promises often come to pass after going the OPPOSITE direction… Childless Abraham to become father of many nations…, the youngest of the family, Joseph to be ruler over his family including his parents…, the shepherd boy David to become king…. Abraham wandered around the country, away from his household and family, without a child or rather “the” child for 25 years! Joseph went on a mighty detour for about 13 )or was it 17?) years which included being sold as a slave and being in prison.. Already with the anointing of king, David was sent as an armour bearer to the palace and then had to run for his life from that very palace and go into hiding in the desert. Yet the very promises for all these characters were fulfilled. In fact David returned to the very same palace which he had to run from, to serve as king where all had to bow down to him.

You may be waiting for the dream job – you have applied for it and someone else has been appointed… You may be waiting for the sale of your property and other things are depending on it…. nothing seems to be happening.  You may feel God has shown you the right partner but that person claims not to be interested…  These still do not indicate that it is impossible… These are not necessary reflective of God saying it’s not meant for you.

They very well could be for you, but just let it go… Don’t take matters into your hands and try to work it out. Give it over to God and continue to lead life as He is leading.  He may ask you to take steps in that direction.  Then do it!  However, He may lead you in the opposite direction!  Don’t despair but follow!  He can bring you an even better job and He doesn’t need you to even apply for it!  Why? Because He is supreme!  Yet if that dream job is indeed meant for you, the newly appointed person will leave – in due time… God wants you to desire His wisdom, to know that He doesn’t see things the way the world sees it…  If the property is not being sold, it will be in the right time – God may be looking to meet your needs super naturally in the meantime for you to cling on Him.  The person you believe is the right partner for you may not be interested in you right now but God will remove the scales of the person’s eyes and hinder the work of the enemy at the right moment.  Meanwhile, He is teaching you faith – that faith is in the unseen and to place your trust in Him.

  • What has God promised you that seems impossible today?
  • Are you being rejected by the very place / person God has shown you will be yours – like David’s palace had David kicked out?
  • What are the voices around you whispering into your ears?
  • What are you doing about the promise? Are you trying to make it happen like Sarah did? Or are you just being led by the Spirit, yielding to where He is taking you – and that most likely in the opposite directions?

“BE STILL and know that I am God”

  •  Praise God for the promises and don’t despair when you are being led in the opposite what seems to be meaningless directions.
  • Trust God that what He says will be done.
  • Thank God that He is preparing hearts especially yours to be equipped for the stepping into the promise.
  • Rejoice in the opposition or the undercutting or backstabbing of people trying to stop you or discourage you from waiting for what God has promised… The enemy wouldn’t want to see God’s name being glorified so he will stoop down to anything especially to use other Christians to get his dirty work done…

And to us as the “other Christians”

Always ensure that whatever counsel / advise we give, that we do it AFTER praying and seeking God’s will… Our carelessly uttered words out of the limitations of our own human wisdom can be destructive not only to the emotional / spiritual health of the person we are talking to but also we could be the hindrance to God’s will being done.

The right moment will arrive… SUDDENLY 🙂


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