Sold Out

During a recent trip, I was observing a group of friends, one of whom was the photography instructor. The rest of the world paled out to these team of guys, as their focus zoomed into their target. I don’t think they even noticed the girls around!!! Or even if they had, the focus was totally shifted away from them to what we would consider the most mundane of objects, whether it be a baseball cap or a lizard and whatever.  These guys would look at such things from an amazingly different perspective – and appreciate them. They were all eyes to decide on the object… Then the photograph would capture it with a certain sense of ‘celebration’ of bringing it out to its fullest, making the viewers comprehend its hidden beauty.

What really caught my attention was the endless efforts that they would go through to attain their goal. It didn’t matter that they had to crouch or squat or bend over backwards, that too in the scorching sun… it didn’t matter that they had to lie flat on rocky ground with their clothes getting soiled…. Nope, nothing mattered. They willingly kept leaving their comfort zone to succeed.  They were so passionate about what they did… In fact they call themselves “Addiction”!

I couldn’t help likening that to our Christian walk. Are we able to be so passionate about God to leave our comfort zone for Him?  Are we able to be sold out for Jesus, doing whatever it takes?

Abraham responded to the call of God to leave his family and his fathers household to follow where God was leading him. He willingly left his comfort zone. Joseph saw a vision of what God had planned for his life – and it didn’t seem to matter to him that for many years that he was going the opposite direction but not even once is it recorded in Scriptures of Joseph questioning why!  (unlike many of us would do!!).  Ruth left her country and her family to be with the God and people of Naomi.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, although a virgin at the time and only betrothed, not married – responded to the angel of God, “Be it unto me”.  She didn’t worry about what the future would hold despite living in a un ultra conservative culture.  Her focus was God’s purpose being done and she was a willing vessel.  She went all out for this purpose.  These men & women of God (and likewise with many other Biblical characters) were simply sold out for God!  They reaped the rewards

How often does the world around us pale out, so to zoom into the magnificence and character of our one and only true and living God? How often does the world around us become so insignificant that we yearn to walk along the narrow path that He has planned for us, for our own good!!! Do we love Him enough to watch out for the beauty in His creation – from nature to people?  How often do we truly appreciate the people – all of whom God created – around us? How often can we see the beauty in them, that perhaps others can’t see? How often can we zoom into these people like the way the photographers look through their camera lens and make a ‘show’ out of the most mundane of stuff?

  • Where do YOU stand today? 
  • Are you so passionate for God that you are sold out for Jesus? 
  • Or do you claim to be a believer but really are clinging onto your comforts and your securities? 
  • Where does your trust lie?
  • What is the Holy Spirit laying on your heart right now?  What is holding you back from being sold out for Jesus?  What is really your passion? 

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