Russell and Turk… my friend’s dogs… hmmm… interesting names and an interesting pair. (I didn’t take a photo of them as intended – and now I’m overseas!)  They keep whining when they are in the back yard wanting to be let to go to the front yard. The moment my friend opens the back door to let them in, they both zoom through the house without any de-tour and side by side. Once they are out, the two-getherness doesn’t cease… When Russell bends his head, Turk follows suite… Likewise one will do the big job.. the other will do it soon after the other is done! Mostly in sync. Yet, there are times that they growl at each other and fight too. That however doesn’t last.

I think this is a great analogy for relationships – whether with a life partner or with God Almighty Himself.

Often people think that loving someone means agreeing with everything they say or believe in. Some people often claim that ethnicity, education, religion etc don’t matter when it comes to finding a life partner labelling it as discrimination. Others are rigid about these factors. What it all boils down to is simply COMPATIBILITY. Just because you are from the same ethnicity doesn’t make you compatible automatically. In fact, I find it increasingly difficult to group myself with my ethnic background given my exposure to living in various countries and also my deepening relationship with God.  I’m more and more aware that I’m in the world and I’m called to love one another as myself but yet I’m not of the world.  I don’t ‘belong’ to earth but instead, I’m a citizen of to heaven.

Mature love knows when a relationship can work and when it can’t.  Love wants the best for the other, their happiness counts and thus it sometimes calls for letting go.  Love is hard work, it is not about ‘feelings’ and ’emotions’, but rather DECISIONS.  We choose to love or not to love.  When we love God and long to walk in His ways, along the narrow path, we know that the partner we choose has to have the similar passion.  It’s hard to be in sync otherwise as the basis of the value system is different.  If two can’t agree, how can they walk together? (Amos 3:3).

We can still love people from other faiths… yes we have to love people from other faiths… God created ALL of them in His image… However, to have a marriage that is centred around the Living God, it is crucial to marry one with the similar value system.  Even then, there will be differences, and ‘fights’ as each one is wired differently…   Love agrees to disagree.  God being the third cord of the marriage, will hold the two together despite the differences as the basic foundation is strong.  A strand of three cords isn’t easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12)…  Hence the couple can remain two-gether.

God grieved when the sons of God married daughters of men… (Genesis chapter 6).  These men chose beauty over valuing the relationship with God.  In fact God counted this as wickedness.  Their ways obviously became spoiled as the two who have now become one influence each other with contradictory beliefs.  This led to wiping of mankind off the face of the earth with the flood while preserving Noah and his family as Noah was found righteous in God’s eyes.

How can we be temples of God and become one with someone who is not?  It is like light and darkness trying to co-exist.  It is literally the case.

Two-gether… two unique individuals side by side, gazing in one direction…

and forging ahead by completing one and another with personalities, skills and gifts 🙂

Likewise with God!  If we love Him with all our heart, soul, strength and mind as we are called to do, we will be in sync with Him at all times.  Yes, we will have times when we ‘wrestle’ with God or when we ‘reason’ with God…  There will be times when we sulk and disobey Him as the path He has for us is not easy…  Yet overall, we are two-gether with Him… We increasingly allow Him to not just be a resident in our heart but rather become THE president… We give Him Lordship so that our ways will be pleasing to Him and thus they will fulfil His plan for our lives.

We want to spend our every waking moment with Him and even when we sleep we want to be in sync with Him.

Two-gether… God & believers being in sync such that we hear God’s heartbeat…   spurred on by His love for us & others… to see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven equipped and strengthened by Him 🙂



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