Clouds in the Skies

The picturesque view reminded me of Canada… of the days of snow storms followed by a bright day.  (I couldn’t capture the scene from the right angle while moving and with the limitations of the small window! This was the best I could do)  The intensive sun rays falling upon the piled up snow dazzles the eyes, almost to the point of blinding! It was a breath taking sight inducing pain of nostalgia.. especially that of winter in Toronto. Alas, I was jolted back to reality when we went through patches of cloudless skies boasting of stretches of green fields below.

I just couldn’t help stand in awe of my God, the creator of His magnificent handiwork. So much to delight in…. The fluffy clouds higher up in the sky were so dense, that it felt as if it were a day after the snow storm. Yet, travelling a little further through an expanse in the sky with the absence of the clouds revealed life on earth below.  The layers of creation in the skies… Reminded me of the “heavens” and the seventh heaven that Paul mentioned!  Yet I was fascinated that even a layer of creation in the beautiful blue skies – in the middle of nowhere – could somewhat resemble the crispy snow fallen in heaps all over the ground. Or perhaps I should say vice versa… the fluffy snow on earth resembling the fluffy clouds in the skies…  How inviting those clouds looked!  I couldn’t help but dream of rolling on them and perhaps even travelling on them.  (Ok ok, I’m a grown up child…. but how can you not appreciate God’s wondrous creation?  Hasn’t He given them to feast our senses?!!)

Ahhh but doesn’t God Himself ride on the clouds??

 Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Extol Him who rides on the clouds, By His name Yah, And rejoice before Him.  (Psalm 68:4)

I know that was a good try, but God is Omni present and sovereign and almighty… ok ok, I give up on my little fantasy!  Anyway let’s do just that what the Psalmist says!    Let’s praise Him for all that He has done for us, for the smallest of blessings to the biggest!  Let’s praise Him for the beauty He has bestowed upon us through His creation, that inspires us, relaxes us and also makes us fully aware of His wonderful presence that surrounds us at all times (as well as dwelling in us if we believe in Him)!  Let’s sing to Him and extol Him!!!  Let’s rejoice!!! Hallelujah!

Ascribe strength to God; His excellence is over Israel, And His strength is in the clouds (Psalm 68:34)

The Son of Man will return on the clouds (Matthew 24:30) and those who are alive and remain, will join Him in the clouds (1 Thessalonians 4:17).

How beautiful is that? His strength is in the clouds… He rides on the clouds… He will come on the clouds.. We will join Him in the clouds.   I just looked up the term clouds in the ISB Encyclopaedia.  One figurative use of the term “clouds” in the Bible is about God’s presence and glory (which summarises the verses above).  The day of doom is referred to the day of “clouds” too  – implying doom and destruction  (e.g. Zephaniah 1:15).

Interestingly, the last couple of days I have been reflecting on this parallel of fluffy white snow fallen in heaps on the ground with the puffy white clouds in the skies.  Snow is condensed water that turns into ice when the temperatures decreases or melt when it increases.  Snow turning into black ice is rather dangerous.  On the other hand, clouds release the water they hold to rain on earth in the times God ordains.  It can come as refreshing rains or it can come as a time of flooding or thunderstorms causing destruction.

What I had come to type (before looking up the term clouds) is that the parallel or rather similarity of scenes, reminded me of the concept of “like on earth as it is in heaven” and especially in regards to the Kingdom of Heaven and to the will of God.

The tabernacle was built as a model, a replica of that in Heaven.  We pray, “may your Kingdom come, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).  When Jesus died on the cross, the curtain outside of the Most Holy of Holies was torn into two giving us the freedom to approach God through Christ… God’s Kingdom is now established in the hearts of His believers, of those who not just believe in Him but are also led by His Spirit.  Yet His Kingdom is yet to be perfected as many do not believe.  Refreshing rains  (Zechariah 10:1) when we thirst for Him…Floods and thunderstorms causing destruction to shake us and to draw us closer to Him.

God does not want any of His children (which is everyone on earth for that matter!) to perish.  He will continually try to speak to us, to nudge us to yield to Him… troubles and trials are to draw us closer and closer… His clouds serve as a reminder of His presence, of His glory and of the day of doom and destruction too…

However, He will not force us as He has given us free will.  We can make the choice.  Ultimately we can be caught up in the clouds joining the Son of Man when He returns or we can be covered by the dark clouds and be subject to doom and destruction!  What do you choose?  The choice is not one off, but a daily choice – to surrender to God’s PERFECT will or to choose the wider paths.

I pray that each one of us will see the clouds in the skies and see God’s magnificent glory and presence while being reminded of His love for us.


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