Celebrating Singleness

Recently I heard a speaker tell single males that they have no outlet and thus temptation would be higher than one who is married. He admitted that marriage doesn’t solve the problem but makes it easier.

I was reflecting on that and looked at my life. I am a mature single who has stumbled along the way but nonetheless God has preserved me. It is only by His grace and His grace alone. In fact the more I think about it, my delayed singleness has been a cause for celebration, to rejoice! Why? Because I have to turn to divine protection to overcome temptation rather than to physical means, that is the ‘logical’ thing to do. This has led me to cling on His feet more and more… as I know without holiness no one can see the Lord… And that – seeing the Lord – is what I want the most out of life here on earth!

Thus, I do get to have deepened intimacy with God… and as long as I am single, I can enjoy this intimacy without interruption – well, not as much as a married person would have. Paul does write that the married care about pleasing the spouse while the “unmarried care about pleasing the Lord” (1 Corinthians 7:34).

I think it is a privilege to be single (whether God will bless me with marriage and kids in the near future is another story – but right now at this present moment, that is not my concern) as we are blessed to have a deeper time with the Lord than what a married person can have… Spouse, kids and their needs etc etc…. they have so much more to look out for than us singles. We can often (not always and not in every season but more often than not!) just switch off when and how we want to devote our time to the Lord and to the things of the Lord. Reality is we have the blessing of being able to prioritise our commitments and schedules with God at top!

Give thanks in all circumstances. Make hay while the sun shines… The sun is shining on us all – whether single or married… Remember that God has blessed us all in His own way. All have been called according to His purpose. Some have a ‘higher’ calling than others… That doesn’t make anyone less than the other – as the Bible is clear that all parts are EQUAL.. Obviously, as all parts, no matter what their roles are, have been created the same way! ALL have been created by God in His image and in His likeness – with no exceptions. How we choose to respond is our decision, but nonetheless we are created the same way! There is no favouritism in that retrospect.

However, we as singles can get up and not be worried about lunches for anyone else and instead we have the freedom so to speak to fast and pray… to hear His voice without distraction. Martha was worried about many things, good things as serving a meal to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is a privilege… Yet she was busy so busy she couldn’t sit at His feet and listen to His voice. Mary considered the latter to be a better choice than serving Him… So she opted for that and Jesus commends her for choosing the best and that it would not be taken away from her.

Many of us at this point can choose the good things of life – including family, serving Jesus Christ, ministry over relationship with Him. Yet for Him, the best is the latter, not the former. And for those of you who feel condemned by the world, for being single at a mature age and feel pressurised to get married – sing for joy instead. CELEBRATE instead. No, it is not because you and I have ‘sin’ in our life, that we are not blessed with marriage… I think in fact it is quite the opposite. It is because God loves you and me with a love that wants us to be intimate with Him in a deeper fashion, that I think is a blessing which does not allow room for condemnation 🙂

So whether single or married, let’s celebrate where we are at this very moment that God has placed us in the place where He wants us to be for His purpose and according to our individual callings. Let’s be content where He has placed us… and have a heart of gratitude and praise!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Singleness

  1. Its good to hear that there is a positive… I hear more about the negative of being single, and I think as a woman it can be seen as your life’s goal to get yourself a husband, it’s good to hear someone talking about how God uses this time in our lives and that it is precious and we should make the most of it before it runs out! Very important for me to hear, thank you


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