Earth Plates

Another one of my recent visions…

I saw the ground with many deep holes… the crust of the earth! Then suddenly, the plates began to shuffle around. It was a tad frightening as they were just moving about. Within a few seconds, I felt asleep. Minutes later I woke up to see yet another vision. This time the shuffling had stopped and all in place with the ground being flat… The holes were filled! The lines where the cracks in the earth used to be were visible, but yet not a single hole was to be seen. It was an instant ‘click’.

In our human eyes, we worry about the process and the time. We see the ‘holes’, the voids, the obstacles, the problems, the need for resources etc. In fact we panic, we fear… However we forget that God is in control.  Things can simply ‘click’ into place in the twinkling of an eye…

Almost as to confirm this post that I’m penning (or rather typing at this moment), I was led to check my email and today’s devotion. Titled “Silence is Golden” was the devotional from Crosswalk featuring the following verse:

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways,

when they carry out their wicked schemes. – Psalm 37:7

(Back again, after a gap of a few days in writing this… and yes, I love how God speaks and encourages me through these inspirations to begin with … I just needed to read these words again!!)

How do we handle what we see?  How much do we panic that things are moving away from what we believe the end results should be – especially if the end result is what God has already shown us? I mean, if we have asked God to reveal His perfect plan to us, and we are waiting for that to be fulfilled, how much do we panic when see all the holes in the earth, and all the shuffling of the earth plates to make the holes appear even larger??  Are we able to not fret while waiting for the plates to simply ‘click’ in place?

Joseph was shown a vision whereby he would rule over his parents and brothers, including his older brothers.  Hmm so much for the vision – he was sold as a slave, thrown into prison… everything and anything but ruling!  Yet eventually it all did simply ‘click’ and he was able to provide for his family without even the slightest of grudge for what they had done to him.  The part that astounds me is that there is no record in the Bible as to him reacting with anger or disbelief or giving up.

Where do you and I stand today?  Are we able to be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him to make things to click?

I know I struggle with it… I hear what He wants me to do, I get confirmation but I panic… I fret when I see wicked men carry out their schemes and succeed in their ways… Yet I’m grateful to the friends that God has blessed me – who are patient with my prayer request / update emails and support me through intercession… as well as an encouraging word or two!

A post that appeared in my FB newsfeed from Crosswalk encouraged me loads.






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