Standing Tall

A vision a few days ago… I saw a giraffe trying to bend down and let its head rest on the ground… keeping in line on its fours… as if it was trying hard to grip the earth, clutching on to the ground to stay secure and firm… However, it’s neck kept growing… and growing.. so it couldn’t maintain its posture by finding security in holding on to something seen… The pressure was too much it suddenly lifted its head.. And there it was standing tall as ever, almost as if it were going to touch the skies and the heavens… It looked regal, and secure despite not clinging on in fear anymore. It found its rooting.

Many of us are like this… We try to clutch onto straws that we can see instead of clutching onto God whom we can’t literally see. Clinging onto God seems as if we are doing something silly – as we are gripping onto thin air that holds no substance. Yet, if only we can learn to trust in God, as we grow more and more in Him, we can stand tall and stand firm… We forget the natural disasters that we see around us – the earth can slip beneath us via a mudslide, it can erupt into an earthquake or volcano…. the list grows… Despite this knowledge we try so hard to find security in what we see!

I don’t know which of you readers needed to hear this… but it is very much valid for you and me today! At this current moment, I’m waiting to fly to India to minister at a youth camp. I have about 60 hours left and I still don’t have the airfare… I’m guilty in trying to turn to people, getting despaired at my empty bank balance and literally clutch onto straws.

However, I decided to write this instead of worrying and turn my fears into trust… Trust that God will burden someone or a few people out there to support this ministry… trust that those whom He burdens will respond immediately like Abraham and Samuel and Mary, mother of Jesus, “Here I am”! And in partnership with the camp organisers and the speakers and the sponsorship, that we will see God’s Kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.. to see youth being touched with God’s love and His Words will help them grow as believers and equip them on a holistic basis.

Clinging onto God with all our might is our only solution… He alone knows what is best for us… He alone knows what His plan and will is… He alone can move the mountains and fill the valleys… He alone can turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh..

Whether you are waiting for God to provide for your pressing financial need, for your desire to see Mr (or Ms) Right-who-is-a-godly-man-or-woman to come along your path or even waiting for his / her scales to fall off, for your need for a job or a place to live… whatever your need is at this moment give THANKS to God for the PERFECT breakthrough to take place without settling for the PERMISSIBLE… Let’s start praising God in faith that His will will be done no matter what.. That His body will come together and step in! Let’s praise God and see the enemy fleeing away as we put on His armour..

Let’s stand tall in God and reach out to the heavens, receiving His blessings through the trials…

Arise Soldier of Christ.. Arise… Stand firm… Stand Tall… Stand regal…

All things are made BEAUTIFUL in His time… Let’s start dancing as the mourning that lasts for a night turns into joy in the morning!

God bless you, keep you and protect you…


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