Behind the Scenes

No, I haven’t had the blessing of experiencing pregnancy (but in faith I do look forward to marriage and THEN that!). This is something that really intrigues me! Much goes on behind the scenes. Okay thanks to technology, scans can be done and a peep into the womb with a glimpse of the babies can be gotten. But nonetheless, we really can’t see the forming and the details of growth taking place.

Of course we all hear various stories of what different women go through during this beautiful life creating and nurturing stage of their lives. However, recently I heard of a story through media, of a woman who had gone to the hospital with major stomach pains to only find out she was pregnant and consequently soon after delivered a healthy baby. Both her and her boyfriend were really surprised – they had no idea she had been pregnant!

Our God operates this way – like with the varied stories of pregnancies.  You may be in a position today, where you have no where to turn, you have run out of options of what you can do. Yet you need to trust God that He is doing something behind the scenes…

He is fitting together each part and working things out just like Psalms 139 mentions that God knitted us together in our mothers wombs and He saw our unformed body… He is doing the preparation… Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean He isn’t doing it. He is making the way in the wilderness right as we speak… The path will be brought about, just wait upon Him seeking His glorious face.

As humans we fail much as we tend to trust the work of our hands – we are in a difficult situation so we want to do something about it… so we run all over town and our fingers do the talking (dialling the phone, typing up emails, sending text messages etc)… But how we fail to be able to have faith in God and wait!!!

Today one of my friends, Akaash’s status on Facebook read as follows:
“Worship changes your situation; you might not see it at first by your circumstances,

but in the spiritual realm healing is taking place.”

This is something that I have firmly believed in for years…. Often I find God leading me to intercede for people. There are times when I approach the person and the response would be, “Everything is fine thank you”. It gets embarrassing so to speak… So I have had a dialogue with God on this! He told me that not everything is in the physical realm so intercession is mainly prayer for behind the scenes, in the spiritual realm… And in His time, like with the pregnancy, the results become evident…

And I leave you with the words of the song, “God will make a way, where there seems to be no way” and highlight the following:

Like a roadway in the wilderness, He leads you…

Rivers in the desert you will see…

Let’s intercede for one another and see breakthroughs in His time, the right time!!! I’m awaiting a few myself… 🙂


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