Choices Consequences

I began to panic when I found out when the deadline of my next assignment was. At Engineering School, all I wanted to do was get through the course. It wasn’t something I enjoyed. However with my post graduate degree at Bible College, I was totally hooked into the courses, I was enjoying the learning and wanted to get the maximum out of it. Now this deadline posed a problem of doing it well as I was going to be away in India for half of the allocated time, on the move and without a laptop let alone time to sit and focus. I approached my lecturer and asked him whether he could give me an extension. He looked at me and flatly said “NO!”

During the next session he told the class, sometimes we have to make certain choices. For example, a student who gets A+ grades, may at times may have to decide to submit the work according to the deadlines settling with a lesser grade. I knew he was talking to me so I resolved to finish the assignment in the little time I had all the while balancing my regular work and preparing for my trip. (By God’s grace and inspiration, the grade dip down for this course.) Nonetheless, I had to make a choice to do whatever I could within the limited time I had, even if it meant me not doing a thorough job.

Parents tell their little children not to go to the road. Would the child understand if the parent was to explain to them why they shouldn’t go to the road without an adult? Would the child understand the concept of getting knocked over or going unconscious letting alone the concept of death? Unlikely. Therefore the parent puts a boundary as to how far the child can go – this discipline is out of love for the welfare of the child. However, say that the child decides to taste the forbidden fruit, it may actually get run over. The child made a choice and had to face the consequences whether it be a minor injury or a broken limb or worse paralysis or death.

Likewise with Adam and Eve. God told them not eat the forbidden fruit, knowing it was not good for them. Yet for various reasons they decided to partake of the fruit and had to face the consequences of being banished from the beautiful garden of Eden. We have options and our choices from the options have their consequences.

Not all choices are easy. The rich man wanted to follow Jesus. Yet Jesus told him to sell all that he has and give to the poor and then to follow Him. Jesus also made it clear that then he will have treasure in heaven (Matthew 19:23). The man went away sorrowful. He chose his earthly riches over treasure in heaven.. He made a choice and he would have faced the consequence. David made one wrong choice, that led to many wrong choices.. and he had to face the consequences. Yet the great thing is, God allows us time to repent and He forgives us… Yet the consequences will follow.

“Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible, but not everything is constructive”

(1 Corinthians 10:23).

God gives us free-will. He does not impose His ways on us… He gives us options – we make the choices and we face the consequences of our choices.

Accepting Jesus is yet another choice. God out of His love for us, to see us being cleansed from our sins and to re-bridge the gap between us and Him, sent His one and only Son to earth, to shed His blood on the cross, to die and to resurrect. If we choose Jesus, and are yielded to be led by the Holy Spirit, then we can join our Heavenly Father in heaven.

At the end of age, everything will be destroyed = heaven and earth will fade away and it will be replaced by the new heaven and earth. There will be only 2 options then – heaven and hell. Those who chose to embrace Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord of their hearts will be reunited with the Almighty God and dwell in the Kingdom of heaven. The rest will have to go to the only other place available at the time.  That’s the consequence of their choices.

The Father heart of God will tear apart when seeing the very people He created, in His image and likeness for that matter, been thrown into the fire. However, in His love He has given enough warning and is giving us much time and many chances. The Bible is very clear presenting all the details If people make a choice to live in the world without accepting Jesus, well sadly they will face the unpleasant consequences!

  • What are the choices you have made today?
    What are the consequences you can expect from those choices?

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