No Matter What

I couldn’t help but notice a lady get onto the bus with a whole load of things and her son – okay perhaps I should include the son in the ‘whole load of things’!! There was a seat available on the first row so the mother got him to sit there. He would have been about 6 or 7 years old and was heavily chewing a toffee … She sat on the seat right behind him. The boy decided to sit on his mother’s lap instead. As tired as the mother looked, and despite having a narrow space given the man next to her (the men here simply love to take up three quarters of a double seat as if they don’t get to sit on a chair at home) and despite the stuff she was loaded with, she allowed her son to do what he wanted. There she was accommodating him while trying to hold on to him and the seat so that neither of them fall off the seat and trying to balance her stuff. (I am kicking myself for not having the courage to take a photo despite having my camera in my handbag at the time!)

However, I couldn’t help but notice this boy – cunning as ever I must say – reaching out one hand to hug his mum but the other hand was slyly reaching out to his mother’s handbag which was hanging over her shoulder, out of her sight. He quietly tugged at the zip on the outer pocket, slipped in his fingers and felt his way until he got the object of desire. I got a glimpse of a golden wrapper for a brief moment. The boy with widened eyes, as big as they were, was looking down the aisle of the bus perhaps to make sure no one was watching him. He kept his palm tightly wrapped around this ‘treasure’ while quickly zipping the pocket with the other hand. Once done, the toffee was kept hidden in his clasped hands… It seemed as if his mum had not an inkling as to what had taken place.

I couldn’t help think of our loving Father in Heaven, who is ready to embrace us – no matter how old or over-age we are, and despite what we are doing on the sly. However, unlike the earthly parent, our Heavenly Father knows our every move and every thought and every motive! Yet He chooses to embrace us no matter what. Having said that, He loves us… and because He loves us, He will discipline us but He is not unjust. He chooses to relent when we repent… (although we would have to face the consequences).

David committed the first sin – to be at a place at a time where he wasn’t supposed to be. He was supposed to be at war but he opted to send everyone else instead. As a result, He was ‘idle’ and ventured out to his rooftop where he caught sight of the beautiful Bathsheba innocently having a wash. He inquired after her (second mistake – taking a second look!) and despite knowing she was married (hang on, wasn’t he married in the first place??) he had her brought to himself (next mistake!). She then sent word that she was pregnant and the man sought to cover up his mistakes… One sin lead to the next and the next…

The baby was born… God was patient and yet David didn’t repent. Finally God gave David another chance – so He sent Nathan the prophet. David’s blind spots were removed and he repented. However David had to face the consequences of losing his son. This very David was later referred to God by a man after His own heart.

God is waiting for us to realise our mistakes and go running into His outstretched arms waiting to embrace us. He loved us first – enough to pay the penalty of our sins by sacrificing His one and only son on the cross… We stand in awe of Him as we don’t deserve this, it is not by our works but only by His grace. Removing our blemishes has allowed us to bridge the gap between us and God caused by the fall of man. What a privilege we have to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ our personal Saviour.

Unlike the child that was slyly helping himself to the toffee without his mother knowing, we can run to our Heavenly Father and confess what we have done wrong… He understands that we are weak and frail but is waiting for us to turn to Him to help as it is only through the work of the cross and through His strength that we are holy.

Don’t condemn yourself, don’t let others condemn you either… He has already cleansed you. Allow God to search your heart for all anxieties and give all the hidden compartments to Him for Him to rule… Loving God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength will obviously desire to be restored into His image … It will also automatically result in obeying the 2nd greatest commandment of loving your neighbour as yourself. You will be able to love naturally as it is the deep rooting in God that enables this to happen….

We know God loves us no matter what… and likewise are we able to love our neighbours – even if they dislike you or avoid you – no matter?

And for those of you reading this post who haven’t invited Jesus into your hearts to be your Lord and Personal Saviour… don’t delay… Tomorrow may be too late but at the end of the day, it’s not about being too late – it’s about enjoying a relationship with God even as it is called today… Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to that!!! Seriously, you’ve got to try it to know what it really is like… Don’t waste valuable moments to bask in such unconditional love – love that you can not get from anywhere else – even if it be your mother, spouse, boyfriend, best friend… Human love cannot compare! Enjoy this precious gift now!


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