Cream of the Crop

I recall how the dean (I think it was him who said it anyway) of our department of Engineering Science, would take pride in the fact that the students in this faculty were the cream of the crop of the Engineering School overall. It was a ‘limited’ course and generally only one University in each country holds this particular program. Well, having always had been among the top of my class during my school days, I found that I was towards the bottom of the “cream of the crop”. It was indeed a difficult place to be. To add to the ‘lowered self esteem’ was the fact that the grades were scaled according to the Bell curve – so towards the bottom was pushed further down… OUCHHHHH.. now that really was tough! I came from a family where I would get punished for not scoring ‘full marks’ even if I was only a few short of it! So you could just imagine how it was.

Our social systems are like this – we base stata on things like achievement, education, wealth etc. However, we need to keep in mind that each one of us – whether believer or not, are created in God’s image and in His likeness. Yet those who BELIEVE (and by believe, I mean those who not just profess and have head knowledge but rather whose thoughts and actions reflect their belief) in Jesus Christ as their saviour, spurred by God’s love to love God and to love their neighbours – well they (hopefully I’m referring to you and me here!) are the royal priesthood!!!

Yes beloved brother and sister, we are the ROYAL PRIESTHOOD… Everyone one of us who worship in Spirit and in Truth, without falsehood – We are the chosen ones! We belong to the Kingdom of Heaven! We ARE the cream of the crop! We may ‘look’ like cats, but let’s look at our reflections and see the LIONS in us as we walk in the victory of Jesus, the Lion of Judah! Our security and worth should stem from our identity in Christ unlike the world!

Have a blessed day and walk as victors, not losers! THe enemy has no power over you or over me!

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