Winner and didn’t know it!

This morning I decided to update my bank account passbook after ages. I hardly check it unless I have made quite a few debit transactions and need to ensure the minimum balance – yes, minimum!!! hehehe.. And no, I don’t have regular deposits so there is no need to check. I glanced at the balance and I realised that I had more than the minimum. This didn’t seem right – I couldn’t have under-estimated it by such a big margin (big, relatively speaking that is!).

After I left the bank, I noticed there had been a transfer for LKR 1,000 (just under US $10). Panic kicked in. With the cost of living so high these days (the price of milk alone has more than trebled within the last 5 years.. ), this amount is no joke if it was accidentally transferred to my account. I went back to the branch and asked them to check as there must be an error – I hadn’t been expecting that amount. There are times when a friend would deposit some cash into my account but he always lets me know when he has done it. Other than him, I didn’t think that anyone would even know my bank account number.

The cashier (at my most friendly branch – I love the staff there… it’s always a delight to go to the NDB bank Wellawatte branch), took my passbook with a pleasant smile and told me she wonders whether it was a VISA Cashback promotion. Anyway she checked the system and said, “Congratulations! Only a few have won this promotion and you are one of the winners!” The best part is I had no idea that there had been a promotion, let alone that I had won and this was over a week ago at that too!

While reflecting I suddenly recalled a little conversation between me and my Heavenly Father not too long ago.  Having discovered this ‘surprise’, I totally see God’s humour in it all.  I remember telling God how lovely it would be if only I could simply make a cash withdrawal from the ATM whenever the need arose – and the balance would miraculously cover it… For example, if I could go to the ATM wanting to get cash to cover the airfare and visa fee to North India to be able to minister at the youth camp in June… and another withdrawal to cover the necessary finances for advance to secure a decent rental place… Well, like a little child, I was having a little chat with my Father in heaven and He responded, “Well, all the treasures in heaven and earth belong to me… You put your request upwards and it will be given as you need in His timing in accordance to His Will.”  He reminded me that His bank was infinite.. and had no limit unlike the ATM machines 🙂  Yet during all that childlike chatter, I never expected a sudden ‘prize’… God’s sense of humour is incredible I tell you!

God’s blessing comes in all sort of unexpected ways… I was a winner and I hadn’t known it. However, aren’t we all in the same boat??? We have won the gift of salvation – it’s a gift, by God’s grace. It is not earned and certainly not by our own works. It’s free and for us to keep. However we often truly don’t know it, because if we truly knew it, we would be living victoriously in His strength and we will be walking in His confidence despite the storms around us. We will be more than conquerors in Christ and walking on water if we truly knew the value of this gift!

You are precious my dear brethren! Walk in victory and remember that all things work together for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28).  And while you claim victory and all things to work together for good, do check whether you indeed love Him! Do you love Him like we should – with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your mind?  Or do you love Him when you want something for your own pleasures?  Do you love Him sacrifically or do you love Him when convenient to do so? Evaluate your life… Loving Him doesn’t mean standing up on a stage and entertaining under the name of ministry or praying (blabbering on is what I mean) for hours on end with lengthy words and for show… I’m talking about that real love, the intimacy of wanting to be one with Him every second of the way…. Its about relationship and not religousness… That’s what makes following Jesus Christ so different from all the other faiths… It’s about love and grace alongside with truth and not about our works and our deeds… although deeds stem out our love for God and the love that He has for us motivates us despite the storms… We are all winners… Do you know it and act accordingly???



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