A Season of Singing

We live in different parts of the world… While we in one part of the world experience sunrise, those in the other end of the world experience sunset while the rest of the world have their different exposures to the sun or moon whether it be midnight or noon or anything in between! Ahhh but it’s not just about day or night… THere are also the seasons! One part of the world will be blessed with summer while the opposite end freeze in winter while some trample the autumn leaves and others watch the springtime announcement of budding leaves and cooing birds.

“See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard from our land. The fig-tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance” (Song of Songs 2:11-13)

I have been reading an e-book on my PC Kindle, “Fools Rush In”. A part of these verses was included in the section that I read last night (I’m forcefully limiting how much I read as I tend to finish a book in one go even if this means staying up into the early hours of the morning!). Tears began to stream down my cheeks from the middle of nowhere and I was reminded of the Rhema Word that God had quickened in my heart a few years ago with these same verses! I began to thank and praise God for the “spring” time that I was stepping into, marked with new beginnings!

The winter is past – it had to pass before the flowers could appear marking the arrival of spring.  Examine these verses… it’s not just about beauty (the flowers and the blossoming vines) feasting the eyes but the description of spring is providing a feast to all the senses.  Joyful sounds, tasty fruit, pleasant fragrance…. As I was meditating on these verses while writing this blog, I fell asleep!!!

And then a little while later, I was woken up with a SMS alert on my phone.  It was from Facebook indicating that a pastor (who is a friend on FB but I haven’t ever met or really known) had sent me a message. Instantly I got up and opened it.  I seriously had goosebumps and stood in awe of God.  This was a pastor who has no idea about my current situation and what he wrote was not only confirmation to this very spoken word but also to the words that God has been speaking to me through other vessels of His too.

He had written that I have been seeking God for new direction and new beginnings and that God has opened many new connections and opened doors and that God has already given me the master key that I need to move on!

Trust me, when I was wondering what I should write for today’s post, I had two ideas going on in my head, one was a fresh reflection whilst another was one of the many outlines jotted down in my notebook along during the time of not having a laptop.  However, as I sat down at my laptop, I felt I had to share this verse that leapt out at me from the screen while reading last night, to encourage several of those who will be reading this post.

Some of you will be going through the winter season at this very moment.  Look at the blessings despite the dreariness.   We often fail to see the key blessings that are ours – the love of our Heavenly Father who upholds us in His righteous right hand, our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, was resurrected and ascended into heaven so that our sins will be cleansed and that our gap in intimacy with God could be bridged giving us eternal life.  The moment Peter took his gaze off Jesus and focused on the storms around him, he started to drown despite having had walked on water!  Don’t we all do this? We are so focused on our earthly life and long for earthly blessings losing touch with our real purpose on earth.  The winter season is a preparation time for spring… Thank and praise God in faith for what He is doing in your life ‘behind the scenes’ while reminding you that He is the one you need to be depending on… and not anything or anyone else – including the work of your hands.  It’s our life that tells the story of Jesus’ love.

And some of you are now stepping into spring.  You see flowers appearing all over earth!  It’s a new season altogether, a new beginning – one that feasts your senses and where you can ‘see’.  Enjoy the doves that are cooing and antipicate what the next season has to bring.  It’s a time of refreshing and renewing.

Soon it would be summer where the beauty of nature is at its peak – boasting of majestic colours.  Some of you are stepping into this time period and are going to savour the fruit which are now ripe.  It’s a time of an outpour of blessings.

Then comes the next season of autumn as the leaves start to wither preparing the way back to winter.

Each season has its set time for a reason just like a healthy pregnancy is for 9 months so that the baby develops to a stage where it can survive in real life, out of its mother’s womb!  Don’t try to rush ahead of God and let nature take its course.  God is higher up there, and He sees a view that you can’t see!! Obviously because His wisdom is way higher than ours.  He doesn’t just see appearances but He sees our hearts and He sees our blind spots.

Whatever the season, remember God makes ALL things beautiful in His time and He fulfills the purpose that He has for your life – surrender to Him and allow yourselves to be clay in the Master Potter’s hands, pliable and mouldable to be the vessel that He has created you to be.  He makes ALL things beautiful in His time!

Let Him carry out His perfect will in His perfect timing and in His perfect way…


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