The days have been so warm… the sun directly hits my room so I seek the solace of my cozy floor cushions in the hall with my bare feet touching the cold tiles. It doesn’t do much as the heat rashes on my neck begin to play up anyway. When I look through the windows and I see the Indian Ocean glistening due to the rays of the culprit dancing on it. I long to be able to jump into the water that seems to beckon to cool down and to be invigorated. It’s INVITING to say the least.

Yet will this water truly satisfy? Will it quench the warmth of my body at any given time that I seek it? I doubt it… There will be times when the water itself would be heated up just feeding into the arrogance of the sun, that we can’t escape its power during day as it truly does reign! THere will be times when the water deceives by being icy cold, making teeth chatter. However there will other times when it would simply shut us out displaying strong undercurrents generating forceful waves that would be harmful rather than helpful!

Despite however serene and inviting the ocean may appear, we simply can’t assume that it would indeed give us the comfort that we long for. It could perhaps offer the results desired at times and that also isn’t a permanent solution. We can’t place our trust on this ocean, let alone depend on it. Loved ones and friends could be similar. One day they may provide the warmth that we need, other times they may let us down and yet at other times they could be harmful rather than helpful.

Yet we do have one refreshing water that is inviting because it is the Living Water who is always always consistent and reliable… and we will never be thirsty again! The Living Water that we can depend upon and really I would say from my wonderful experiences that we should depend upon. (no, no, no… it’s not all going to be rosy – there will be thorns too but the beauty and fragrance of the roses make it all the worthwhile!).

Jesus met this Samaritan woman at the well (John chapter 4). His compassion is expressed not just by words but in actions. Jesus did not hesitate to cross all boundaries and traditions to reach out to this woman. It wasn’t a done thing for men and women to communicate. Jews hated Samaritans to the extent that they will travel a greater distance with more discomfort than travel through Samaria. This woman was outcast and thus she was at the well at the 6th hour, the hour for meal time. Jews would not speak to others at meal times either (so I read in a book somewhere). Even the disciples were suprised to see Jesus speaking to her given all these ‘norms’. Yet He crossed them, violated them merely to offer her the Living Water to refresh her void heart and set her free.

“But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.

Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” – John 4:14

Her longing for something deeper is inevitable in their dialogue near the well, her longing was for spiritual fulfillment. She was obviously broken as she spoke with him in an honest manner. She accepted this Living Water and she had been fulfilled so much that she went back to the town and told them all about Him.  Imagine approaching the very people who have shunned you aside.  This woman obviously had a good heart without hatred.  She didn’t try to keep the good news to herself but rather shared it with them.  Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in Jesus because of the woman’s testimony (4:40).

Where do you stand today?

  • Have you heard about the Living Water and yet not drunk it and thus are you consistently thirsty?  What is holding you back from taking that step and inviting Jesus to be the Lord of your heart?

Remember fulfillment in life can never take place when you have a spiritual void.  Jesus says that He is THE way, THE truth and THE life.  THere is indeed true joy when you drink of the Living Water… and yes, which will become a spring of water in you welling up to eternal life.


  • Have you drunk of the water?  If so, have you loved those around you enough to share the good news and invite others to this precious oasis?



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