Family of God

Last year in June, I was devastated when my laptop was stolen. To me, it was my main source of ministry for His Work. From writing of this blog, to writing articles for a local Christian magazine, to starting a holistic Christian lifestyle magazine, to writing Christian books (few in progress) and also establishing relationships via social networks for mutual edification with other Christians and for sharing my faith with non believers…. It also helped me to prepare messages to share.  (Yes, these are in addition to spending quality time with hurting people and of course in intercession).

I decided to forget my pride and approach a few friends.  I asked whether they could rally up a few people to raise support to get a laptop for His Kingdom purposes.  It was indeed difficult to ask, but I knew I wasn’t being selfish as it was indeed a tool for ministry. The fact that this blog had reached readers in 79 countries within a year of starting, I knew was nothing but by God’s grace and power…. I felt it was indeed the work of the enemy who comes to steal, destroy and kill.  The timing of it being stolen wasn’t coincidental as far as I was concerned as I had just returned after ministering at a youth camp in North India.

The responses to my requests were pretty much the same – either I was told that they themselves as well as their friends are finding it difficult to survive so they have no cash to spare or I was told that they already pay their tithes to their church or I was told that God hadn’t burdened them to help.  Of course many were quick to tell me that perhaps it was God’s will for it to be stolen (This reflection will be another blog).  A few told me that perhaps I should work for a season like the apostle Paul – given part time opportunities for the ‘season’ namely Christmas.

No, I’m not condemning anyone. Yet, it was disheartening to say the least.  I kept updating those who have been supporting my work through intercession and longed to get prophetic words.  Part of me couldn’t help wonder whether I should pack up and go ‘home’ (wherever home is for that matter!).  Another part of me did long to ‘work’ and close people’s mouths but I had no desire to work in the sense of employment as I had found much joy spending time at God’s feet, spending time with hurting / wounded people and writing.  I just couldn’t go back to work.

In very recent months, GOd had connected me via facebook with another woman of God across the seas (one of a few I must admit) whose writing / thoughts were almost identical to mine to the point of raising hair!!  I could see she had a prophetic calling so I sent her a message requesting her to pray for the situation – I had hoped God would speak to me through her as confirmation.  I got no reply and that made me wonder even more – just in case i wasn’t hearing God right!

The next time I managed to use a friend’s laptop and go online, I saw her fb status challenging her fb friends to send in a computer that was lying around unused or that needed to be fixed so to send to a mssionary in another part of the world who was spreading gospel truth.  My heart jumped but I didn’t want to hope that she was doing this on behalf of my work for Him.  I decided I wasn’t going to get excited and then disappointed, besides it didn’t mention whether the missionary was a male or female.

To cut a long story short, it turned out to be for me.  One of her friends in another state of USA had sent his laptop (which seems pretty much brand new), this friend, a computer whizz in addition to her many callings, fixed it and next was the complication of getting it across to me in Sri Lanka.  Shipping / posting would very likely end up having to pay ‘duty’ and taxes.  Being a non Sri Lankan by nationality didn’t helpe either. 

Another friend of mine had to go to California from Sri Lanka on a work related matter and he agreed to carry it back for me in his main luggage.  My sister in Christ based in Houston shipped it across to him.  Time was limited as he was there only for a week!  I thank God for everything falling into place at the right time… And I finally got it today… yup… I’m writing this with my new ministry companion!!!!

Oh no… the testimonies don’t end here and the reflections are yet to come… I’m so sorry for the lengthy blog!!

What my friend hadn’t told me was that his suitcase lock had decided to break while travelling to the USA despite it being brand new.  He had already told me that he would put the laptop in his main luggage as he was already carrying his work laptop.  Another believer, he wasn’t “unduly worried” as he knew that God would take care of it all!  And sure enough, it all arrived without any problem – and without any issue from customs either!

Another part that had been weighing me down was the fact that my Bible software had also gone with the laptop.  The CD was corrupted and the company told me that I couldn’t upgrade without either of the two despite having registered with them.  A new one would cost me US $ 350 at the least.  This had been invaluable to do my research not only to complete my M.Div. but also for continued indepth study and writing.  I decided I was going to seek God to provide the finances for that along with the need for a laptop bag and antivirus guard (and my other financial needs for passport and visa renewals).

I had goosebumps when I opened this laptop to find the very software in the very version that I had desired ALREADY loaded on this.  God is soooooooo good to me, He surely is my Heavenly Father who provides.

Yet He does work through the Body of Christ.  What I’m learning more and more is that the physical building is NOT the church, but rather the family of God in whom the Holy Spirit dwells – that also on a global level!  Jesus Christ made it clear that His family (mother and brothers) are those who hear the word of God and do it (Luke 8:21).  Mark records Jesus saying that His brother and sister and mother are those who do God’s Will (3:35). 

Paul writes much on the Body of Christ.  He writes how the parts relate if they truly are a part of the Body of Christ:  “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it” (1 Corinthians 12:26).

  • How do you respond to a need if it concerns yourself or your biological or nuclear family?  What about if it’s your partner?
  • How do you respond to a need if it concerns a part of the Body of Christ – whether individual needs or ministry needs?
  • Are these two responses similar or are they based on different measures?  Why?
  • Where do you stand?  Are you a professing believer or are you truly a part of the Body of Christ?
  • How do you view your resources?  Do you see them as yours for your pleasure after giving tithes or do you see them as all belonging to God, with you placed as a steward such that you seek His guidance for every step of how to utlitise them?
  • How much of time do you spend getting to know Jesus Christ?  How do you go about it?  Do you meditate on scripture?

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” (Matthew 7:14).

Ask the Holy Spirit to examine your heart and lead you along the narrow path that He has ordained for you

– if you truly desire to travel along the road that leads to life that is!





6 thoughts on “Family of God

    1. Umm…. two corrections! one major and one minor! It’s not me reaching out but rather God’s divine inspiration and intervention!!! It is only the hand of God… That’s the major correction.. and the minor correction is the count of countries stand at 100 (yup a century!!) at this current time.. There have been over 8250 views and 2 years of blogging comes to completion in another few days!! Although 90 people have signed up as followers of the blog, not all are reading regularly as more visitors seem to be viewing than readers!


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