Hurt Ourselves

A mosquito quietly perched itself on my leg. Having already been irritated and stung by enough of mosquitoes by then, all my anger was directed at this particular one.  I aimed at the spot and slapped really hard.  Unlike my previous attempts, this one escaped and my poor leg got the full force of the slap.  I couldn’t help giggling to think how I had hurt myself in anger, while the mosquito got away unharmed.

We often do this to ourselves in real life.  People are all hurting in one way or the other, to one extent or the other.  Obviously not a single one of us are perfect. (ohhhh, did I burst your bubble?  I’m sorry 😛  ).  Fact is we do hurt each other unintentionally a lot.  We tend to retaliate when someone hurts us.  Some of us unleash the powerful hurtful weapon called the tongue, while some retreat and others do a bit of both.

Like the mosquito that escaped, the one who hurts may have left the scene or even the picture, but we often slap ourselves to protect or defend.  Sadly we leave scars or pain that we are inflicting on ourselves.  The person we loved may have betrayed us and walked away (or perhaps even RUN away).  We slap ourselves thinking it’s our fault.  Or the church we loved so much may have rejected us or made false accusations or even worse labelled us.  Their hearts may be so hardened that they don’t even realise their wrongs, but we brood over the rejection and either wallow in self pity and worse begin to condemn ourselves.  It could be your employer or your parent or your best friend… Nonetheless, hurt is hurt…

There is a time for everything – a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing (Ecclesiastes 3:5).  Sadly we embrace the pain even after the person who hurt us is no longer around.  Are you doing that right now?  Do you not realise who you are?  Are you not the child of the Most High God, the one and only true and living God?  Does that not make you the royal priesthood dear prince or princess?  What others want to do to you, that’s their problem – God will definitely deal with them.  They may think, like the mosquito that they have easily gotten away.  Yet God gives everyone a chance to repent… and gives them a warning or two.  Yet if they don’t heed to God’s calling, He will definitely deal with them.  It is not in our place to take revenge.

Ahhh taking revenge is not the same as confronting them.  I have heard many believers refrain from confronting saying ‘forgiveness’.  Will you do the same if you had a child and your child is in trouble?  Will you simply say ‘forgiveness’ and not chide the child?  The Bible is very clear that we need to leave our gifts at the altar and go and deal with the problems we have with our fellow believers.  We are asked to speak the truth in love, to show their faults.  If they don’t want to accept, we are to take 2 or 3 witnesses (which is not an easy thing as many ‘believers’ are worried about their name and reputation over pleasing God and obeying His Word – thus they are scared of being a witness.  Sadly they don’t realise, it is in this context that Jesus says when two or three are gathered in His Name, that He is with them).  If our fellow believer still doesn’t want to accept, we tell the church and failing which we treat them like a pagan (Matthew 18:15-20).

We do what we ought to do – we try to communicate with them.  Yet we don’t take revenge or try to punish them.  Leave that to the God who is a JUST God yet forgiving God.  We can intercede for the person’s heart to be softened so that they will accept and repent and thus be right with God.  The moment we can start to BLESS them in the mighty name of Jesus, is when we have healed from our hurts.  Blessing them is not pretending the wrong didn’t happen, but rather admitting it but nonetheless wanting God’s Kingdom come, to be on earth as it is in heaven.

Don’t be hard on yourself – it does take time to heal and then move on to be able to pray blessings over the one who has hurt you… Yet you need to keep taking your thoughts, your burdens to the feet of Jesus and honestly from the heart surrender them.  If you truly believe that you are indeed special as you have been created by God and in HIs Image, and if you believe that you are His son or daughter and hence the royal priesthood, then you won’t let other peoples’ misbehaviour weigh you down.

You spring up as you allow Jesus to carry your burden – and you are then set free like a beautiful butterfly.


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