He hasn’t realised yet…

So here I go watching more Hindi movies in the hope of learning some Hindi so that I can communicate with a larger group of people when I do travel to India.  (Umm… nope, it’s not because I enjoy watching Hindi movies… absolutely not.. and I expect you to believe me right?!).  Anyway, I did manage to find the titles that some of my beloved friends in India recommended.  And now that my housemate has bought an external DVD drive, the dvds that we couldn’t watch on her MAC (arrgghhhh… I still am not “for” macs) are now watchable.  So when she goes out in the evenings, I grab her laptop and have a Hindi movie night.  The latest title was recommended by a few, and I can see why.  “Love Aaj Kaal”.

One person told me that meant love nowadays.  Another explained that it meant love today implying future too.  The story line compares mechanisms of love relationships in the conservative past and of the modern society…  Although approaches and values have changed, the underlying concept of being touched by the one love remains.

The modern hero has a ‘breakup’ party with his girlfriend as her passion takes her back to India and he is waiting to pursue his dream career in yet another country.  He is ‘practical’ about not jeopardising each one’s careers and thus the break up he reasons is inevitable.  Modern technology enables them to keep in touch regularly and both ‘move on’ in life.  She marries another but dissolves the marriage the very next morning as she knows she just can’t live with another man.  When her husband asks her why she doesn’t explicitly tell the love of her life how she feels, she responded, “He hasn’t realised it yet… That may never happen, but it’s a risk I need to take”.  The words hit me hard.. they were profound.

The hero’s career ambition is fulfilled.  Yet as he settles into his job, the adrenalin high begins to die… the excitement dies down… It’s no longer something to pursue but rather a daily mundane task.  The loneliness kicks in of not having someone to share his life.  Tragedy strikes by the means of being mobbed – making him realise where his priorities truly lie.

Fact is we often pursue wealth, assets, career, fame, status, reputation etc.  We neglect so many things to achieve the ‘certificates’, the ‘trophies’ and the ‘awards’ – even perhaps the invisible rewards.  Once we get them, we strive for more even perhaps in a different direction.  Been there, done that with all the certificates lying around and some misplaced I have to admit – bachelor in Engineering, masters in divinity, certificate courses in adult education, then of course I.T. courses, project management along with all the ‘certificates’ for varied work experiences..  I still desire to do my D.Min. at some point if God’s will.  However, one thing is clear… these are not worth achieving at the expense of relationships…  It means zilch without people around.

Besides as a believer, our entire walk with Jesus is centered around love and relationships.  If we are putting our ‘ambitions’ and goals even if they are ministry based over people, we really need to sit at God’s Feet and ask Him whether we are in the right place.  We are made for relationships… with God and each other.  It was less than a day when God created Eve for Adam – a comparable help mate for him… to be at his side and also to be fruitful and multiply.  The very first relationship was created within the same day after of course presenting the paradise settings to feast the senses 🙂

Man was ordained to be the leader of the home, to work and tend the garden – to be the provider, the protector.  Woman was created as the COMPARABLE helper, the nurturer, to be at his side not to be walked over or oppressed.  Together they grow each complementing the other.   They become one flesh and thus inseparable…. They are together.  Tearing them apart is like pulling the nail away from the finger.  (Ouchhhh.. the thought of it itself is causing me to wince)  THat’s how God ordained marriage.  The moment we walk away from God’s perfect model for life, we will have to face the consequences.

We have enough and more excuses and reasons to escape relationships as relationships aren’t easy… they are hard work.  Yet, we are ordained for relationship and through God’s love in us and through us, we can have increasingly satisfying relationships.  The problem is we have become so independent and full of fears, we run… We may end up going through life not realising who it is that we truly love.  Or we may realise when it’s too late…

Yet we know that God has a TIME for everything and He does make all things beautiful in His time.  He didn’t bring Eve to Adam immediately but rather allowed a bit of time (not too much of time though) to lapse first.  Perhaps God gave Adam the chance to realise that all that Adam had (the environment, the work, the creatures and the birds) were good but not good enough for him.  Adam had everything but God still said it was not good for man to be alone.

Yes we have a merciful forgiving God… and being in tune with Him will help us stay put on the path that He has ordained for us… enabling Him to fulfill His perfect will for our lives rather than having to settle with the permissible will.


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