All In a Day’s WALK

Fear gripped me…. Walking along an unknown by road after a meeting in the neighbourhood I was looking out to hail a trishaw (a three wheeler service).  Every such vehicle that passed had already been hired by other passengers.  There were virtually no other passers-by on this deserted road other than one or two men who certainly didn’t make me feel comfortable.  The scorching sun added to the discomfort.  It was a typical village setting in the midst of lush paddy fields and tall trees adorning the roads here and there.  What would have usually been a serene picturesque view relaxing the senses in different circumstances, ironically brought the jitters out of me.

When fear grips, I know there is ONLY ONE thing that I can do… Talk to my Heavenly Father!  (It’s anyway something I do throughout the day especially when I’m travelling, as I love communicating with Him.  I don’t feel complete unless I consciously yield my day / thoughts / actions to Him consistently throughout the day.)  I quickly reverted to childhood and started to chatter with Him with childlike faith.  “Lord, I don’t even want a regular trishaw driver passing by as I am scared.  Father, send me an angel… in whichever form and lead me to the main road which is at least a 5 minute drive away.  Take care of me, protect me as you normally do, but I am scared.”   I thanked Him because I am always under His protection.

I continued my walk, but this time without panic while expecting an angel to show up.  Umm do I hear a cynical laugh from your end questioning ‘fantasy’ or even absurdity coming from an adult?  Well, I know God wants us to have childlike faith and I also know that the Bible tells us,

“The angel of the LORD encamps round those who fear him,

and He delivers them” (Psalm 34:5).

I also know that there are many other occurrences in the Bible of angels appearing to human beings… so why should it not be the case today?  Isn’t God the same yesterday, today and forever?  I believe so… and I believe any experience outlined in God’s Word can be very much applicable or experienced today too.  It is the LIVING Word.

So nothing should stop us from believing His intervention.  Besides I know we do believe in the one and only true and living God… with whom we have communication.  Prayer is not just one sided us telling Him what to do and what we want.  It is not about bargaining with God and making a vow.  Rather it is sharing our heart, confessing our sins and taking heed to His voice to be led by Him along the narrow path He has for us – the best for us… It’s not about our wills but rather surrendering for His will be done.

Sure enough, just minutes later a three wheeler slowed down.  My hopes sky rocketed but vanished at the same rate the very moment I saw the passengers on the back seat.  The driver was perhaps middle aged or early older aged… but he had such a kind face, trust was written all over him.  He looked at me and asked me whether I was going to the junction.  I nodded in surprise and he told me to get in.  In my broken limited Sinhala (the local native language of the majority), I asked whether it was truly okay.  With a grin he said yes and the older lady at the back seat instinctively moved over making space with me.  The little boy shyly looked at me.

Throughout the short distance, I kept thanking God for sending me His angel.  It was without a shadow of doubt as far as I was concerned.  As we approached the junction, the man kindly pointed where I should go to reach my destination.  I asked him how much I should pay him.  His smile said it all and he drove away.  I thanked Him profusely and silently asked my Heavenly Father to bless them.

I needed to go a bit further to catch the required bus. Now out of what I felt dangerous territory, I proceeded to the trishaw stand.  While telling the driver where I needed to go, I looked up and my angelic host had disappeared.

My daily life is full of testimonies of His guidance and leading and provision – as obviously I serve a living God.  However, I had to share this today even as it is called today – so that each one of us can stoop down a bit, let go of our human wisdom and its airs… and be like the child who can naively embrace what God has in store….

Let’s also truly meditate on Scripture remembering it is TRUE and APPLICABLE today too…  Studying the historical, cultural and physical settings indeed helps us get the message in context, yet this message is for you and me today as well!


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