MY Thinking

Writing is not always an easy thing to do… Sometimes you just have to sit and stare at the screen waiting… waiting for that little light to spark… to ignite the ‘whichever’ side of the brain for the creativity to flow… to flow like an endless river.  (I’m using the term ‘whichever’ side of the brain as I’m not really sure that I can understand creativity and logic being in two different sides.  I’m creative but I’m also analytical… Writing and math were always my strongest subjects, right from childhood… So from being a qualified Engineer I have now gone into writing and still love tutoring Math!)

Sometimes writing means just beginning to let your fingers do the talking without consciously putting your brain in gear.  What flows out surprisingly can make sense… in fact one can envy this as it is more often than not, something way more superior than that you consciously think about and write!

Our spiritual walk is often like this too.  We make conscious decisions for our everyday life – we rely on our limited wisdom and our limited strength.  Questions bombard our mind, “who can we ask help from… what can we do ourselves to sort out this problem” etc.  Very often we run out of options and stare into thin air… We just don’t know what to do next!  All we can do then is be still and know He is God!  Of course sitting still isn’t something we do well and we tend to doubt whether we are actually procrastinating or being in ‘denial’ as we aren’t doing anything or whether it is simply trusting in God.

A recurring situation in my life is God waking me up in the early hours of the morning, when it’s still dark; He wakes me from my deep sleep and inspires me to write.  I’m groggy, I don’t know what I’m doing but I do know my fingers are flying on the keyboard (ohhh… how much I now thank my mother for literally FORCING me to go for Pitman’s typing course when I was a teenager.  Unless I learn to type the ‘proper’ way there was no way I would to gain permission to use her typewriter for my report!).  Within a matter of 20 minutes at the most, an article is laid out beautifully on my screen and it turns out to be an inspiration that touches people much after touching my heart first and foremost!  I then crash back on my bed reminded that my fleshly wisdom is NOTHING compared to His Unlimited wisdom.

However, like creative writing where you simply start to type whatever comes to your mind (which is how I started this article today), there are times when we take a step of faith into what doesn’t seem practical or possible… In fact others laugh at us calling us ‘foolish’.

Nonetheless we remember Noah building an ark despite the circumstances not indicating any possibility of floods, we recollect the Israelites stepping into the Red Sea only to see the sea part for them to cross over yet close again for their enemies to be drowned, we are inspired by Jesus for the stand He took in fulfilling His purpose for being sent to earth….  We know where God leads us, He WILL provide for us.  It doesn’t matter what others around think of us – it’s not going to make us any lesser of a believer than we are.  They can smirk and sneer at us.  However, our loyalty is to God.

When Jesus died on that cross, the Jews sneered at Him.  They challenged Him saying if He was God, He wouldn’t have to go through such suffering.  However who were the ones who were put to shame when Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven?  Jesus humbled Himself and He was exalted. People may laugh at us but God tells us that those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Joseph saw a dream, and voiced it to his family.  His father got angry and asked Joseph really thought he was going to rule over even his parents.  Jealousy drove the siblings to sell him off to people miles and miles away.  They thought they were ultra-smart in doing so, that they had prevented Joseph’s dream being fulfilled.  Who had the last laugh?  Imagine how they felt when they discovered the ruler who was relieving them from starvation was none other than the very brother they chased away.

Paul instructs believers to “imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised” (Hebrews 6:12).

We don’t understand God’s ways…  In fact throughout the Bible we read the situations whereby His Name was glorified and His will fulfilled were all controversial or outside the norm.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts” – Isaiah 55:9.

Why do we limit God to work within the box?  Why can’t we step out and forget about circumstances, culture and people and be TRUE believers?

So really, it is far better for us simply to yield to what He tells us to do, rather than fight it based on what our naked eyes perceive or what our society expects from us.  His ways are higher than ours…

Let’s not do things in our fleshly wisdom but rather, let’s obey Him and see mighty miracles take place in our lives whereby only He can get the glory!  How awesome is that?


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