Living In The Future

A little girl dresses up her Barbie doll then uses it to re-enact a fairy tale.   She counts it a blessing that Ken had entered the scene; after all what fairy tale is complete without a groom and a magic wedding.  A few years later, this same girl closes the bedroom door, wears her mother’s clothes, steps into her high heels and smears make up all over her face to fantasise the big day and living happily ever after.  Day by day the dream develops in her heart.  (Ok, not all girls but hey, would it be appropriate to say most girls do this?).

The maternal instinct in her as a girl (and also as she develops into a young lady) motivates her to live in the future – life with her husband and x number of children in the lovely house with a flower garden surrounded by white picket fences…  Many career women also have that desire but they seem to prolong settling down to ensure they have the necessary finances to bring their dreams to pass.

We often live in the ‘tomorrows’ of life…

“When I get this, I will do this and when I achieve that, I will do that.”

A day that can be lived out to the fullest today is postponed to tomorrow, after the knight in shining armour gallops down the mountain and sweeps her off her feet.  Relationships are put off till after one has finished their never ending education.   Time to enjoy God’s gift of creation by means of taking a vacation away from home is considered incomplete without the other half which thus gets put on hold.  Serving the Lord is decided to be embarked on after the kids have left the nest.  Sadly, even our time sitting at our Heavenly Father’s feet is postponed for when we have the time that never arrives.

Losing our loved ones to death is unbearable without a doubt.  The pain lessens over the years but the memories linger.  Sadly we often live in the past, in those cherished moments that we are unable to truly live the new memories that God brings into our todays… with the people that God has ordained to be a part of our lives TODAY.  Worst is when the loved one is a Christian – we cling onto the hope that we will meet again in heaven and live happily ever after.

On a serious note, could this longing be classified as idolatry?  Doesn’t this cause us to divide our loyalties – focusing on our love on someone who is ‘dead and gone’ instead of giving ALL our heart, soul, mind and strength to our Creator?  What will we be doing in heaven?   Wouldn’t it be about praising and worshipping God eternally?  Will we really resume relationships with people?  If relationships with each other were to continue there, will the Bible mention the fact that there will be no more marriages in heaven?  Whether there will be horizontal relationships in heaven or not, isn’t it wrong to be focused on “us” when we get there?  Shouldn’t it be all about God?

We are often so focused on the rosy future, for re-union with our lost ones in heaven… that we neglect living today in the fullest.  This often prevents us from fulfilling His purpose for us being on earth.

What if TODAY is the last day on earth?  What if TODAY is the day of Jesus’ second coming?

What will you want to be doing when He arrives?


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