Step Up the Accelerator

Awwww…. look at her, how beautiful a bride she makes…. In fact they both make a gorgeous couple – you can tell they are meant for each other”…  Next comes along adorable baby number 1.  Then comes along angelic baby number 2…. Then somehow time speeds up and it’s their first day at kindergarten…. Life goes on… for what seems like everyone else around me.

I watch all the Facebook relationship statuses around me change… perhaps to ‘in a relationship’ back to ‘single’ and then back to ‘in a relationship’… Soon it’s engaged to married.  I’m happy for all of these people.  However I can’t help wonder why it isn’t my turn yet.  I have spent time ‘getting to know guys’ but it always seems the ones that are falling head over heels over me are the very ones who run away once they get my attention.  What is wrong with me?  What is it that I don’t have that all these other girls have?  Multiple questions arise and I gaze at my Facebook status.  It has always been ‘single’ from the time I opened the account.

People keep telling me that I shouldn’t remain single, that it isn’t good and that I should get married.  My oh my, I wouldn’t have known that if they hadn’t told me! (Sarcasm boils over here!)  They certainly are doing me a ‘favour’ by rubbing it in.  Or even worse, I often have well-meaning people trying to introduce me to new Christians.  Right, now I certainly can submit to a man who is to be leader of the home and is not spiritually mature. It all makes sense (sarcasm again – do people think being equally yoked is just about marrying any guy who is a “Christian”??)!  Consequently it gives me a lack of contentment… a lack of contentment of my life at this very moment.  This is all thanks to loving peer pressure.

Has God forgotten me?  Is God punishing me?  Did God really say you would get married? More doubts attack me from every angle.  However, I do know this is the work of the enemy trying to make me run ahead of God and spoil His perfect plan for my life.

I quickly have to press my foot on the accelerator real hard… and speed up the slope before I roll down into the valley of self-pity.  I want to make sure that the hand brake is tightly clenched so that I can make it right to the top… the mountain top where I can be at my closest with my Heavenly Father.  I want to be able to hear His Majesty’s voice clearly over all the competing voices of my flesh, of the world and of the prince of the earth.  I want to be content with what I have in life, to count my blessings rather than pine over what I don’t have and what I’m lacking.

Things may seem rosy for others to us who are looking from the outside. However, what is really going on inside?  Are most of them living in white washed houses that look pretty on the inside but are badly kept within the walls?  I have to admit I am able to celebrate singleness when I see couples pretending to be madly in love or everything going hunky dory – they can put up a front but the discerning heart can see right through.  You see the wife trying to make everything look picture perfect to make up for what is not in place, to make up for what really matters.  (Perfectionism is not healthy).

Singleness and marriage both have their advantages and disadvantages.  But what right do we have to complain or rather change what God has ordained for us this moment in life?

Nope, nothing is wrong with me!  I can count myself special for God has preserved me (despite many temptations) for the right person and is moulding me more and more into His image… He is preparing me for the perfect plan He has for my life, to complement my future partner and serve Him together.  And I can thank my God that He is preparing my bridegroom, to be the head of the home who will be a man who perseveres in praying and in meditating on His Word day and night… one who has much faith in God not by mere words but in actions too.  I am indeed where God wants me to be today… in the centre of His will, upheld in the palm of His righteous right hand.

It is a sin to be longing for tomorrow when God has blessed us with TODAY.  Let’s make the most out of today and do what He wants us to do.  That’s the best place to be… in His arms, in the arms that will never let go of us (unless we choose to go away from Him), whether we fail Him or make mistakes.  Unlike human love, our weaknesses and wrong actions can’t make Him love us any less.  He extends His mercy and grace to repent and make a U turn before it is too late.

If you haven’t already invited Jesus Christ into your heart to be your loving Saviour, the time to do so is right now!

Whether you have been walking in the Lord for a long time or whether it’s only been a short time, the time is always now to keep repenting for doing things “MY way” (instead of God’s way) , chuck away the guilt and with His guidance make a U-turn.

Finally let us be content with what God has blessed us with this current moment as He does know best… Let’s not play God but rather seek Him earnestly with all our heart… and praise Him for what He has in store for us in His PERFECT timing.


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