Practise Makes Perfect

I remember how much my middle and forefingers would sting!!  They would sting so much as they slide down the metal strings over the ridges – to the extent that I would put down the veena.  It would take a lot of shorter attempts before being able to ease back into being able to play for hours on end.

Not spending time regularly in practising this exquisite instrument causes these two fingers to soften.  On the other hand, these two fingers get hardened with continued practising and playing.   It is then possible to put pressure on the strings while sliding and thus create sweet sounds to the ear.  The more the pressure the sweeter the melody!  The veena and I become great companions.  It makes all the painful efforts in easing back into playing fully worth it…. The more the time spent practising makes the flow of musical notes seamlessly trickle like a stream of invigorating fresh water.

Relationships are very similar!  They take a while to get used to.  We become hyper sensitive in letting someone into our personal territories as this is not the easiest thing to do even though we long for love and companionship.  In fact we have got used to our own space, our freedom, our ways etc.  Giving up our ‘rights’ to our accustomed lives where we hold the reign isn’t something we really want to do.

However, the more we allow God to take over our reigns over our lives, the more we realise it isn’t about ME but rather about US with God in the centre.  As we consciously keep making repetitive efforts to take a risk, to let our guards down our hearts soften…  This takes much quality time with each other, spending time with each other and building up on the emotional, spiritual, physical connections.  The very thing that caused us to fear rejection can very well turn to be the bonding factor between both…. In fact, it will if God is the ruler of both individuals’ lives.

Just as playing an instrument requires much practise daily, so it is with a relationship.  Quality time together is a must.  Initially it can be unbearable and there will be many shorter attempts… but as time goes, it turns into both being in sync with each other…  The couple will then indeed make music together… sweet melodies that are special and unique.

“Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship.

It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning

 but how much love you build till the end.”

(Quote seen on FB walls!!)

In fact, our Christian walk is all about building love till the end – whether it be with God or our neighbours or our partners.  Though this will have many ups and downs, mountains and valleys and level paths, it is possible if God is in the centre.  Our Living God created relationships and demonstrated love – He sent His one and only Son to earth to dwell among us and die for us so our relationship with our Heavenly Father will be bridged again and intimacy built.   The more we become intimate with God, the easier it becomes to be intimate (emotionally, spiritually and physically) with our spouses.  In fact the emotional and spiritual union builds up the platform for the physical.

Just as when we play an instrument or a sport, let’s make a decision to ‘practise’ our relationships with our partners and make music in harmony.  May this love be of witness to the love that Christ has for His Body… namely you and me!


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