Stumbled from the Path

The path isn’t wide but narrow.  I absolutely long to walk on that path… How I wish I could just walk straight along the narrowness… How I wish I could be like a person walking the tight rope, with such preciseness, with a bit of swaying but nonetheless with sure footing.  Yet I often stumble off the marked way.  It makes me sad, because I want to go where that path leads.  I want to be able to enjoy the treasure that waits on the other end.

When I say stumbling, I’m not talking about what we think ‘major’ stuff… It’s all about the little things but yet they are really ‘big’ things.  It’s just that we don’t see it that way because we perceive stuff to be ‘major’ or not, based on the trends of the world rather than through God’s Word.

I remember God kept telling me to show love to a friend who wanted to have nothing to do with me.  It was so difficult and humiliating.  Naturally, I argued with God.  In response, He asked me how long it took for me to embrace Him wholeheartedly from the time of first hearing about Him.  I responded, “Ummm… a couple of decades!”   God then convicted me, “You wanted me to wait for you to accept my love for 20 years but you don’t want to show love to my precious child?”  Ouch! That stung!  I realised how ungrateful I am.  He waited for me, His heart of love for me never changed despite my having chosen to be away from Him.

It reminds me of the Good shepherd whose one sheep went astray.  The shepherd left the ninety and nine other sheep – He left them together and went looking for that one that was missing.  It didn’t matter to Him that only one was missing.  He didn’t neglect that one… Instead He went searching.  He found the sheep that strayed.  He didn’t condemn the sheep or hit it with a stick or yell at it… Nope! He joyfully placed it on His shoulders and returned home.  Did He put the sheep back with the rest and simply go about His other business?  Nope! He invited his friends and neighbours to rejoice with Him!  It was crystal clear as to how delighted He was to find that ONE lost sheep! (Luke 15:3-7)

We all do go astray from that path time to time… – the path that leads us to and through the gates of pearls to a beautiful city paved with gold like glass constructed on a foundation that glimmers with precious stones.  There is no pain there, no sickness, no tears…(Revelation 21)  A joyful place to be!

Even if we do go astray, don’t despair but repent!  God’s loving arms are wide open for us to go back on course…  He welcomes us not with condemnation but with grace and love and JOY!  Each one us are precious!  YOU are precious!


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