It was the middle of the night… dark hours… Sobbing noises could be heard from the bedroom in an apartment in North York.  Tears were streaming down her face.  She didn’t see the point in living any more.  What did life have in store for her?  Never having even stayed one night alone before, the fear of facing yet another day was too much.  She had managed a few weeks but in utmost fear… darting back into the building as if it was her tower of refuge.  The metal brace that she had sported on her wrist for a few months was not her type of accessory.  Not only did it look ugly, but also it came in the way of her personality.  However she knew, without the brace, the healing of the torn ligaments would take longer.  Either way, her activity had to be curbed.

The loneliness, the uncertainty… that was something she couldn’t face.  She decided on a solution – a solution that would put an end to her miseries.  That’s it… the path was easily paved.  Her windows on the 18th floor opened into a garden echoing the name of the road – Parkway Forest Drive.  There was nothing, absolutely nothing, to stop her, let alone protect her from a jump into that beautiful picturesque scene.

She went to open the window but it seemed to be stuck.  Anger crept into her already existing pool of emotions.  “An engineer who can’t open a window!” she muttered under her breath.  All those years at university seemed to be of no use whatsoever.  She admitted defeat and turned back to her king size bed – how what could normally be of comfort, could rub in loneliness even further.  However, as she lay down, she saw a vision.

Jesus appeared to her, as a shepherd with a tender lamb in His arms clutched to his chest.  He said to her, “You are my lamb, and I won’t let go of you”.  A wave of unexplainable peace washed over her… She somehow knew that these words were from the heart.  Yes, she had more than her fair share of empty words and empty promises… but instinctively she knew that these words were authentic and trustworthy.  Her tears were replaced with a childish smile and she slept like a baby for the first time in quite a while!

The next morning she woke up with sheer determination to check out what was wrong with the window.  She had to notify the apartment complex owners of it.  Barely had her fingers touched the latch – the window slid open.  She knew, she just knew that was the work of her Lord and Saviour!  Life was never to be the same again… She had someone who truly cared about her, who loved her and thought she was beautiful and precious!  Her steps had a skip in them!

And yes… It happened 12 years ago.  This was the turning point in my life that led me to commit my life to Jesus… when I truly invited Him not to be a resident of my heart, but to be THE president!  It was no longer a religion – the religion of my forefathers (from which I changed), let alone a religion that many think of Christianity to be!  No way…

This is about a relationship…

a love relationship with God!


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