What WE see…. What God sees!

What appeared like blobs of pure white cotton adorning the beautiful blue skies abruptly changed!  The brightness was replaced by cloudiness.  I quickly changed my mind and pulled out a short black skirt from the wardrobe.  Flat shoes were replaced by high heels so that the muddy waters of the storm ahead wouldn’t splash on my clothes leaving stains that require the expertise of the Laundromat.  In a jiffy, clad with different attire I set out with a big smile on my face.  Yes, I was anticipating the heavy rain and like a child was eagerly waiting to see the colourful ark brighten up the sky.  I felt a few rain drops and kept peering into the sky.

To my disappointment, the entire scene changed back into its original setting.  It was like watching a video on rewind, except my attire!  Cloudy dark skies were replaced by brightness with hues of whites and blues; the radiant sun showing off its majesty. Well thankfully I’m not a weather forecaster and yes, it’s better to be prepared than sorry right?!

This just goes to show God’s ways are higher than ours.  We just can’t look at a situation and determine what will happen next.  It may very well happen, but not necessarily.  Nothing is in our control.  I got a glimpse of the dark clouds and I changed my attire.  Was I right in my judgment?  No!  I just ended up wasting time and not to forget what lies ahead at home – chaos to be put back in order.

Faith is in the unseen.  Well, if we see and it happens just like that, then it wouldn’t be faith would it?  There’s nothing there to build us, as we simply take it for granted, as part and part of the parcel.  What God tells us can sound stupid… Imagine what Noah would have faced when he started to build this humongous ark in a mountainous area claiming floods.  I bet people told him he needed professional help; that he was obsessed with this notion of an ark slaving on it for years.  Noah heard God and obeyed regardless.  What God tells us to do can even seem illogical!  Joseph knew God had shown him he was going to be a ruler.  I bet he didn’t think it was going to happen when he was sold off as a slave, packed to Egypt, thrown into prison etc.  Yet, Joseph never tried to get out of the situations he was placed in.  Imagine the faces of Jesse and David’s siblings when David, who was looking after the flock, was called to be anointed as King!  In our modern day where much emphasis is placed on qualifications and experiences, David wouldn’t have stood a chance!  For that matter, neither would Moses who stammered and claimed to be slow of speech be considered for his role let alone Jeremiah who was afraid as he was too young.  There were many more examples.  Consider all these older women in the Bible who were barren and whose wombs God blessed… If today’s doctors and technology were around then, they would tell them to do so many check -ups or worse, advice not to go through with the pregnancy.

The Bible does tell us that the way of the Lord seems foolish to men.  “You are a peculiar people”!  Remember that!  Yes, most likely other Christians will tell you all sorts of things and discourage you. Stand firm to the promises and confirmation God gives… Meditate on His Word day and night.  Fast and pray when possible…  Delight in Him all the time, at every given opportunity, and allow Him to move in His time…

He makes all things beautiful in His time!


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