“Was it really?”

It appeared suddenly and disappeared at the rate of entrance – all within the blinking of an eye! I couldn’t help wonder whether my mind was playing games with me. Did I really see it or was it my imagination? After all, the path of the meteoroid, commonly known as a shooting star is a rare sight – a treasure I must add!

The term suddenly reminds me of the Bible… The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. It goes without saying the thief isn’t going to make an announcement of his arrival… Likewise, Jesus Christ will be arriving suddenly, without forewarning. Can we miss His arrival, like the shooting star? Certainly not! It will be so profound, yet so sudden!  However, we need to be watchful and take caution not to be like the five foolish virgins.

The custom was that the bridegroom appears suddenly. Despite knowing that, five of the ten young females took their lamps yet didn’t take any oil with them. That to me was rather foolish given the fact that they lived in a day and age where there was no electricity and thus the source of lighting were these mere lamps. I’m surprised that they were able to fall asleep in the first place! Wouldn’t they have been all dolled up? After all, we are talking about the Mediterranean people here. Those brides remind me of a traditional South Asian bride – decked up with jewellery. (I don’t understand that, why do they hide their unique beauty under the weight of gold – I suppose it was to show off how much of dowry they are coming with… ok, so it’s about prosperity, not the value of the female herself?!! Let me not even go there! Where was I?)

Ahh yes, the virgins were waiting for the bridegroom and fell asleep. Dolled up or not, that’s beside the point! How can a bride to be fall asleep waiting for her life partner? Isn’t that like the most important moment where most young girls are concerned? Come on, don’t we fantasise this huge day even from our childhood days? I so don’t get how they fell asleep, but they did. Luckily someone cried out alerting them of the grand entry of the groom. It was midnight when the bridegroom finally arrived. Who would expect the groom to arrive at such a time?? I certainly wouldn’t have. However, I suppose it reflects the ‘least expected hour’! Since the ‘foolish’ virgins were not prepared, they missed out on the wedding banquet.

How many of us are aware that our bridegroom will be arriving any day? How many of us are prepared? How many of us have forgotten the oil and fallen asleep? Will we be left behind?

SUDDENLY… He will arrive – the one who is coming will come and not delay. Are we ready and watchful?


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