Fear or Faith

Many years have rolled by… pretty much alone with helping hands of friends along the way which I treasure and don’t down play.. Yet, nonetheless, it’s been overall an ‘alone’ trip physically but with God right there.  Many years of trials and shaking… depending on Him wholly for everything – love, finances, needs, direction, grace, guidance, forgiveness, healing.. the list just goes on and on and on.. I am content and I do not have to participate in the rat race.. but have the privilege of soaking into His presence being loved and then through the way He guides me … Continue reading Fear or Faith

Setting Boundaries 

When I first came to Sri Lanka, i was being myself the way we were back in my beloved Kiwi land.. a place like no other.. where we will always have a smile and perhaps a hi with a few words of exchange about the weather with people we encounter along the way. I would keep smiling at everyone as its my personality too. The lady I was staying with when I first moved here kept scolding me and telling me to wipe that smile off and keep a straight face when out in public. Isnt being loving and pleasant … Continue reading Setting Boundaries 


As of late I have obviously been reflecting on the life of Joseph much. Recently I read soneones status on FB that read something along the lines of Joseph trying to make things happen by telling the cupbearer while both were in prison to remember him after he leaves. I personally feel it was prophetically uttered that the cupbearer was to be the forerunner, having personally known Joseph’s gift of dream interpretation. The cupbearer however having been reinstated forgot about Joseph and focused on his duties. I guess a lot of us are like that. We often forget God after … Continue reading Procrastination

New Idea

Ok.. my laptop is playing up again and I have decided that Im not going to run up and down anymore spending money in repairs and energy in walking up and down with it ending up with pulling my back. I have decided to simply surrender the need and let God somehow provide me with a new one so that the ministries can continue without interruptions.. no more run arounds .. He knows the need right. So for the meantime I thought of downloading wordpress for the phone and no I dont have facebook on my phone. I dont like … Continue reading New Idea